Unofficial Election Day Results For Chenango County
Published: November 9th, 2022
By: Tyler Murphy

Unofficial election day results for Chenango County Voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, November 8, at the Sherburne American Legion, for the 2022 general election. (Photo by Tyler Murphy)

CHENANGO COUNTY – Following Tuesday night's voting, county and state election officials have released the unofficial results and expected winners.

Most of the local races in Chenango County only had one candidate. A number of state elections were closely fought.

Unofficial election results are based on the unofficial results reported to the state by each county board of elections and are posted as a convenience to the public.

They often reflect true outcomes but final vote results must be certified and checked through a more lengthy process.

New York State Election Law requires a complete re-canvass of all votes cast on Election Day and all valid absentee, special, and affidavit ballots, before any election results can be certified.

It usually take about 25 days for all the ballots to be confirmed for a general election, as each county board must certify their local results.

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The unofficial election results below were reported by the Chenango County Board of Election and the New York State Board of Elections on Wednesday morning, Nov. 9.

Federal Elections

US Senator, presumed victor, ballots mostly counted.

Charles E. Schumer: 55.01 percent, with 3,110,578 votes.

Joe Pinion: 42.58 percent ,with 2,408,123 votes.

Congress 19th District, all ballots counted.

Marcus Molinaro: 50.25 percent, with 142,653 votes

Josh Riley: 48.07 percent, with 136,468 votes.

State Elections

NY Governor, NY Lt. Governor, presumed victor, most ballots counted.

Gov. Kathy C. Hochul / Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado: 52.11 percent with 2,944,456 votes.

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Lee Zeldin / Alison Esposito 47.06 percent with 2,659,153 votes.

Despite the state-wide loss, in just Chenango County Zeldin and Esposito received more than 70 percent of the local vote, with about 16,706 ballots cast by residents.

NY State Senate for the 51st District. all ballots counted.

Eric Ball: 36.37 percent with 43,757 votes

Peter K. Oberacker: 60.39 percent, with 72,650 votes.

NY Attorney General, presumed victor, most ballots counted.

Letitia A. James: 52.61 percent with 2,972,580 votes.

Michael Henry: 44.83 percent with 2,532,840 votes.

NY Comptroller, presumed victor, most ballots counted.

Thomas P. DiNapoli: 54.96 percent with 3,105,060 votes.

Paul Rodriguez: 41.95 percent with 2,370,459 votes.

Local Elections – Contested

Town of Preston Justice, all ballots counted.

Andrew D. Wheatley: 64.72 percent with 222 votes.

Connie White: 35.28 percent with 121 votes.

Local Elections- Unopposed

The following candidate were elected to local office without a challenger listed on the ballot.

Chenango County Court Judge Frank B. Revoir, Jr.

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Chenango County Treasurer William C. Craine.

Town of Coventry Supervisor (To Fill Vacancy) Cammie J. Wyckoff.

Town of Greene Clerk (To Fill Vacancy) Mary C. Wrench.

Town of Guilford Clerk (To Fill Vacancy) Jodie M. Ives.

Town of Lincklaen Justice Valerie Kenyon.

Town of Lincklaen Council Member (To Fill Vacancy) Mark Card.

Town of Oxford Clerk (To Fill Vacancy) Tammy Dilfer.

Town of Oxford Justice Susan A. Ross.

Town of Oxford Council Member (To Fill Vacancy) John V. Weidman.

Town of Pharsalia Clerk (To Fill Vacancy) Gerald Norris.

Town of Plymouth Council Member (To Fill Vacancy) Shawn G. Cushman.

Town of Preston Council Member (To Fill Vacancy) Eileen Gyles Andrews.

Town of Sherburne Library Trustee Emily Acee.