Golden Artist Colors Acquires Two Major Professional Art Brands: PanPastel And Sofft Tools
Published: November 8th, 2022

Golden Artist Colors acquires two major professional art brands: PanPastel and Sofft Tools Golden Artist Colors inc. CEO & Co-Founder Mark Golden, President & COO Barbara Schindler standing with Colorfin LLC Co-Creators of PanPastel and Sofft Tools, Bernadette Ward and Ladd Forsline. (Submitted photo)

COLUMBUS – Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is delighted to announce the acquisition of two groundbreaking products, PanPastel and Sofft Tools.

Co-Creators Ladd Forsline and Bernadette Ward, Colorfin LLC, have grown these products, originally introduced in 2007, into important companion products for pastel and mixed media artists alike. PanPastel Colors are professional artist quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format.

Sofft Tools, made from specially formulated micropore sponge, when used with PanPastel Colors, gives artists the opportunity to blend and apply pastel (dry) color like paint — something that’s never been possible before. PanPastel colors can be used for painting, drawing and mixed media. Their utility is vast in the professional art materials market.

Golden Artist Colors is excited to be able to add these innovative products into its comprehensive fine art material offering for professional artists.

“I have always been impressed with Ladd’s incredible capacity to think between the spaces of our industry,” said Golden CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Golden. “His skill in product development and engineering is masterful. With Berni’s expertise and marketing ingenuity, these brands, in just a few years, have become recognized and sought after worldwide.”

Moving forward it will be important for Golden to earn and sustain the trust of PanPastel supporters by continuing the tradition of this unique soft pastel color product line. Therefore, Golden is committed to retaining the characteristics that make the pastel medium special – its directness and purity of color – but in a pan format, so that it functions like a paint.

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“The corporate missions for Golden Artist Colors and Colorfin are much the same – to enhance the process of making art by creating tools for artists to stimulate creativity and artistic expression, helping them to turn their vision into reality,” said Golden President & COO, Barbara Schindler. “This acquisition has been a partnership between the two companies, focused on one goal – watching the PanPastel and Sofft Tools brands flourish and grow.”

In a joint statement Ward and Forsline said, “We are thrilled about this great opportunity that combines the ideas that began in our studio/lab  with Golden’s technical expertise, their forward thinking and deep commitment to offering the best possible materials for artists.

“This will ensure that the PanPastel and Sofft ranges will expand and grow to their full potential, and beyond. We are confident that the products will be in good hands with Golden company we have always admired and respected.”

Golden added, “Our company is known for innovation and quality and just like we are an advocate for Golden Artist Acrylics, Williamsburg Artist Oils and QoR Artist Watercolors, we are eager to begin this journey with the many PanPastel advocates that have made this brand so successful.”

Artists can continue to find the PanPastel and Sofft Tools brands at local art supply retailers in the drawing aisle.

Learn about the history and development of PanPastel and Sofft Tools at For inspiration and resources to get started using PanPastel and Sofft Tools, visit Resources about Golden Artist Colors, Inc. and its brands can be found at

Golden Artist Colors is a manufacturer of artist quality materials including colors and mediums for painting in acrylics, oils and most recently, watercolor. The company has two locations, a 100,000-square-foot facility in rural Columbus, and a 45,000-square-foot commercial warehouse and distribution center in Norwich. The company’s has more than 200 employees.

Colorfin LLC is based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The company is a manufacturer and conducts research and development devoted to the creation and production of innovative materials for fine art and craft, expanding the choice of contemporary materials and tools available to artists.

Colorfin founders Bernadette Ward & Ladd Forsline developed PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools during five years of research and development. They set up their factory in rural Pennsylvania, and with the help of a team of 11 employees; they have been shipping these innovative products across the US and internationally since 2007.

– Information from Golden Artist Colors