Jasmine Moon Wellness Using The Power Of Reiki, Crystals, And Oils To Heal
Published: August 10th, 2022
By: Sarah Genter

Jasmine Moon Wellness using the power of Reiki, crystals, and oils to heal Kelly Cross, owner of Jasmine Moon Wellness, performing a Reiki energy healing. Cross offers several different healing sessions, include Reiki, chakra balancing, doTERRA essential oil treatments, foot detoxes, emotion code, crystal healing, and Bio Bed sessions, which utilizes amethyst crystals and far-infrared therapy to heal the body. (Photo by Sarah Genter)

NORWICH — A new Norwich business has opened its doors to the public at 90 Borden Avenue. Jasmine Moon Wellness focuses on healing the body and emotions using the power of Reiki, crystals, essential oils, and more.

Owner Kelly Cross is a retired BOCES cosmetology teacher who has also studied health and wellness practices for 25 years. Her passion for energetic healing came from a BOCES class on chakras she took in her 20s, which sparked an interest in spirituality and years-long commitment to learning.

Now, Cross has set up shop in another new Norwich business — a hair, nail, and tanning salon called Me Time by Teresa, owned and operated by Teresa Trask.

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In her private space, Cross offers Reiki energy healing, emotion code, doTERRA essential oil treatments, foot detoxes, and sessions using a "Bio Bed" — an amethyst crystal-infused mat that is FDA licensed and certified as a medical device, due to its ability to heal at a cellular level.

"Amethyst in itself is an amazing healing stone, but they found when they heat it up and the heat conducts through the amethyst it creates ion therapy, which helps serotonin in your body. So a lot of people when they get off the mat are much happier," she explained.

"The other therapy is the far-infrared therapy. That comes from heating up the amethyst too, and that is amazing. That goes six to eight inches into your body, muscles, joints, circulation," Cross continued. "There’s so many benefits to it, it’s amazing for anybody that needs relaxation of the muscles, anybody who’s hurting, arthritis. It’s amazing for depression and for anxiety, because you get that massive relaxation as well."

Underneath the crystal mat is also a vibro-acoustic mat, which can help to energize or relax, aid in sleep, or reduce stress. Cross combines these therapies with calming music that correlates to the vibration of the mat, which helps with brain entrainment, or "resetting the brain."

Cross said for first-time visitors to the salon, she also pairs these treatments with a Reiki healing of the individual's chakras, or energy centers within the body.

"We have energy meridians that run up and down our body, and then we have chakras. We have one at the crown, third eye between the eyebrows, we have one at the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, and then the root is your connection to earth. And they are like little spinning wheels," said Cross.

She explained things like trauma, accidents, illness, and stress can cause an imbalance of the chakras, which can lead to disease and other physical and even emotional ailments.

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"We’re doing the physical balancing here, and then I’m going to be teaching some emotional balance type stuff so people can start to just have better control of their bodies," said Cross. "Once your chakras are all flowing and open you feel better. Your body appreciates it because your organs need energy to do what they need to do."

Trauma, illness, and accidents can also cause energy to get trapped within the body, Cross said. This can lead to aches and pains that stem from a trapped emotion or energy as far back as childhood. To remedy this, Cross offers "emotion code," which focuses on releasing those trapped energies.

Foot detox, or ion therapy, is another method of healing offered at Jasmine Moon Wellness. Clients place their feet in a tub of warm water with an ionizer instrument placed inside, and it draws heavy metals and toxins out of the body.

In addition to healing services, Jasmine Moon Wellness also sells crystals and crystal jewelry, sage cleansing items, cleansing sprays, and crystal-infused teas.

"We are considered energetic beings, and when you put a crystal in your pocket, around your wrist, on your neck, each crystal has its own unique vibration for healing. So if you need a calming stone, then you would choose a stone for calming, and that stone is going to interact with your energy and affect your energy centers," said Cross. "It just basically interacts with your energy and does what you need it to do. Whether you need uplifting, or if you need grounding, or if you have a headache. There’s just so many uses of crystals, too."

Cross hopes the salon will only continue to grow. Me Time and Jasmine Moon Wellness will be periodically holding classes at the salon about essential oils, chakras, energy, crystals, and mindfulness, as well as holding healing circles and meditation circles.

Wellness-related challenges are also in the works. A new anti-aging product by doTERRA is set to be released next month, and Cross said she is currently learning about the product and how to incorporate it into a fun challenge with clients.

doTERRA essential oils can also be added in to any services from Me Time, including manicures, pedicures, and hair treatments.

Treatments at Jasmine Moon Wellness are offered in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute sessions, and are available for booking by calling or texting Cross at 607-316-6594. She also encourages those interested to stop by the salon at 90 Borden Avenue to learn more.

"I love to teach, and I love to interact, and I love to teach people how to live a better life," said Cross. "For 25 years I’ve learned all this wellness stuff, and now I can finally pull it together in one place and use it all ... I’m just super excited to be doing what I love."

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More information about Jasmine Moon Wellness can be found on at JasmineMoonWellness.com or on the Jasmine Moon Wellness Facebook page.