CCC Member-Guest: Adsit-Cappadonia & The Branhams Take An Early Lead After The First Round
Published: August 5th, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

CCC Member-Guest: Adsit-Cappadonia & the Branhams take an early lead after the First round 1) The Burns brothers-Kevin and Steve-pose in front of the 2022 Member-Guest sign. They finished with a 76 on the day. 2) Ryan Johnson watches his partner Ted Diorio attempt a putt on the 18th hole. (Photos by Morgan Golliver)

NORWICH – The 64th annual Canasawacta Country Club member-guest tournament kicked off Thursday morning and afternoon. After the first round, Bob Adsit and Dave Cappadonia are tied with the father-son duo Bob and Michael Branham with a score of 66 or five-under-par on the par-71 course. Eric Walling and partner Brett Smith are behind them with a 67.

The defending champions Matt Burrell and Craig Dawson are tied with six teams after shooting a 69 for the day. Owner Tim Carson and partner Scott Seiler finished the day one-over- par with a 72. In his golfing debut, Chad Kressler, the Superintendent of the country club, with Brian Wood also finished with a 72 in the first round.

There is still plenty of golf left to play as teams resume for round two on Friday and the final round on Saturday. Sunday, August 7 may be used to complete any unfinished flights if there are any rain outs. The conclusion of the Member-Guest tournament will be published in Monday’s Evening Sun.

First-Round Scores:

Robert Adsit-Dave Cappadonia-66

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Bob Branham-Michael Branham-66

Eric Walling-Brett Smith-67

Mark DeMellier-Rob DeMellier-68

Thad Fleming-Matt Morley-68

Jeffrey A Johnson-Corey Johnson-68

Doug Wilson-Joe Gutosky Jr.-68

Nicholas Brunick-Keegan McCumiskey-69

Paul Brunick-Brian Loomis-69

Matt Burrell-Craig Dawson-69

Ted Diorio-Ryan Johnson-69

Brenon Maynard-Bryant Maynard-69

Chris Maynard-Craig Cleveland-69

Thomas Porack-Brian Harmon-70

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Patrick Ryan-Jason Ryan-70

Harry Myers-Josh Dolbin-71

John Stafford-Todd Seiler-71

David Carson-Timmy Clark-72

Tim Carson-Scott Seiler-72

Stuart Hughes-Derek Hughes-72

Chad Kressler-Brian Wood-72

Jordan Alger-Corey Seiler-72

Charles Kelly-Jacob kelly-73

Ryan Kelly-Gregory Bey-73

Dennis Rifanburg-David Husted-73

Lee Skillin-Jim Gorski-73

George Gelsomin-Don Lawrence-74

Robert Martin-Jared Campbell-74

Nathan Scheer-Dan Zieno-74

Lance Yerton-Steve Bennett-74

Michael D Ferrarese-Jason Finch-75

John Kelly-Steve Michels-75

Skip Leibundgut-Eric Leibundgut-75

Amos Parry-Scotty Seiler-75

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Louis Shaheen-Jeremy Shaheen-75

Brendon Budd-Brian Mead-76

Kevin Burns-Steve Burns-76

Dennis Cevasco-Bryant Parker-76

John Fern-Max Britton-76

Mike Flanagan-Ed Larkin-76

Dave Mack-Ed Holmquist-76

Dylan Mack-Jason Davis-76

Pete Miers-Jimmer Hoy-76

Eric Bailey-Bobby Taylor-77

Trip deCordova-Mark Bethmann-77

Tom Ryan-Ken Stewart-77

Brent Miller-Chris Drew-78

Kevin Walsh-Mike Chrystie-78

Jim Wysor-Mike McCormack-78

Tim Borfitz-Josh Borfitz-79

Tom Dumar-Dale Persons-79

Mike Hayes-Bryan Boyer-79

Dave Martin-Tom Dixon-79

John Mitchell-Tom Flanagan-79

Brennan Ryan-Mark Ross-79

Ron Terebo-Mike Gladstone-79

Cameron Edwards-Casey Edwards-80

Pat Flanagan-Dave True-80

Joe McBride-Michael McBride-80

Spencer J McCredy-Matt Meade-80

James McIntyre-Mike Morse-80

Jamie Robinson-Jeff Cola-80

Peter Somich-Tom Somich-80

Corey Wolford-Andy Wolford-80

Ben Barnes-Jason Rood-81

Aiden P. Hannan-Doug Coggins-81

Brendan Hannan-Brian Burton-81

Joe Loftus-Brad Hagen-81

Mark McLaughlin-BJ Jackson-81

Zach Stratton-Andrew Forman-81

Charles Wightman-Aaron McEligot-81

Steve Crawford-Mike Gonfiantini-82

Frank Maiurano-John Huhtala-82

Mark Matott-Rich Lathrop-82

Bill Potter-Roger Boudet-82

Leigh Baldwin-Ken Iselmoe-83

Bruce Beadle-Matt Beadle-83

Roger Clarkson-Dan Tacinelli-83

Phil Curley-John King-85

Luke Halberg-Joey Yozzo-85

Eric Burrell-Rick Roswick-86

Mike Somich-Michael Somich-86

Salvatore Testani-Will Lally-86

John Zieno-Dennis O'Brien-86

Delf King-Tom Revoir-87

Zach Williams-Ryan Benenati-87

Mike Janitz-Jason James-88

Carson Maynard-Tre Bonham-88

Mike Budd-Chad Sheldon-89

Blake Vibbard-Tom Parker-89

Jordan Vinal-John Vinal-92

Jake Walsh-Alex Williams-93

John Swertfager-Lee Supensky-102