Norwich Alderman Matthew Caldwell Announces His Resignation
Published: July 22nd, 2022
By: Sarah Genter

Norwich Alderman Matthew Caldwell announces his resignation City of Norwich Ward One Alderman Matthew Caldwell at his final common council meeting on Tuesday, July 19. Caldwell has announced his resignation from the position due to a new opportunity that requires he not hold an elected position. (Photo by Sarah Genter)

NORWICH — City of Norwich Ward One Alderman Matthew Caldwell has announced he will resign from his position effective on August 13.

Caldwell is currently serving his second term as alderman. With six and a half years of experience under his belt, he ties with Ward Five Alderman Dave Zieno as the longest-running member of the City of Norwich Common Council.

His current term would have ended in December of 2023, but a change of circumstances have led to his decision to resign next month.

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"I have an unexpected opportunity that came at a convenient time, I guess. You know, timing is what it is, and so I’ve decided to pursue that opportunity and hope it works out. So that requires that I resign my position as alderman," he said. "My intention had been to serve the remainder of this term, which would end December 31 of 2023, and not run for re-election and let someone else jump in and take over, whoever that may be. But the timing is what it is, and that requires my resignation."

On Tuesday, July 19, Caldwell served in what was his last common council meeting, and he will be serving in the city’s final joint committees meeting on Tuesday, August 2.

With the position of ward one alderman only weeks away from being vacant, the City of Norwich has already begun their search for a resident of the ward to fill the remaining year and a half of the term.

"Because of the timing with election law and the timing of elections, my understanding is the common council will make an appointment which will serve the remainder of my term. So if this person wants to serve beyond that, they would have to get on the ballot to run in next year’s general election," Caldwell explained. "Really anybody can run that lives in ward one in the City of Norwich. We have some wonderful residents."

"I’m excited for somebody to jump in and take over and do this job their way," he added. "There’s no one way to do it, and I’m excited to see what someone else does and how they do it. They’ll have an amazing opportunity."

Experience in government is not required to apply for the position. Residents of ward one interested in applying for the position can contact the City of Norwich Mayor Brian Doliver at 607-334-1209 or via email at to inquire.

Caldwell urges the city’s ward one residents to consider applying to fill the remainder of his term, or to run in the general election next year for a full term as alderman. Reflecting on his own time campaigning for the position, he said it's a great chance to serve the community and get to know the people of the ward.

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"One of the most fun times I’ve actually had was running for office, because I met so many great people and neighbors that I lived next to or were around for years and never really interacted with them in a way, and you do when you campaign. And they’ve become some of my great friends in the neighborhood, and it’s just an awesome opportunity," said Caldwell. "I hope everyone really thinks about running because there’s so many ways to serve your community, and it’s important to serve. And this is just one of many, but it will open so many doors, and this is just a great way to kind of get in and leave your mark."

He also spoke to the many people he's worked with during his time as alderman, citing colleagues, mayors, department heads, and community members as the people who make serving as an alderman so rewarding.

"I’ve really enjoyed my time serving the City of Norwich on the common council and serving the residents of ward one. I’ve learned so much," Caldwell said. "I really appreciate the support of the voters over the years, and my constituents, and of the department heads, and the employees, the mayors I’ve worked with, the council members I’ve worked with."

"It’s been a wild ride. There’s been a lot of great things that we’ve done, we’ve had some challenges along the way, but it’s been an awesome learning opportunity," he continued. "The residents have been great, too. They have ideas and they want to do things, and they want to know how to get things done, and they know what questions to ask and they’re not shy about what they want, which is what makes communities great. It’s their city, and I’m just here to be one voice and cast one vote at a meeting."

Describing his time as an alderman coming to an end as "bittersweet," Caldwell said he still plans to stay involved in the city and community, but as a resident rather than a government official.

"I’ve worked with some great people; it’s sad to see them go. There are some other things I was hoping to accomplish before I resigned and left my office, but this body will take care of that business the best anybody could, and they’ll do a great job," said Caldwell. "I’m excited for the future for myself, and for the city, and for this common council, but there will be parts of it that I do miss. No question about it."