Octagon And Riverside Reign The T-C Horseshoe League
Published: June 23rd, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

GREENE – For the week of June 16, Octagon and Riverside are the top two teams in the Tri-County Horseshoe League. Octagon, standing at 96-32, defeated Seebers 13-2 while Riverside stood still at 84-44 in a bye week.

There were two games that ended in ties as Ticknors and Dam Team ended in a 8-8 tie along with Brisben and Pond Crew. Betty’s Boys II is in third place after a 14-2 win over Bowlodrome. Betty’s Boys defeated Chuggers, who remain in last place,12-4.

The Tri-County Horseshoe League plays every Thursday night.

Full Standings

1. Octagon 96-32,128 points

2. Riverside 84-44,128 points

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3. Betty’s Boys II 83-45,128 points

4. Pond Crew 78-50,128 points

5. Betty’s Boys 72-56,128 points

6. Ticknors 63-81,144 points

7. Dam Team & Seebers tied, 60-68,128 points

8. Brisben 56-72,128 points

9. Bowlodrome 35-93,128 points

10. Chuggers 33-111,144 points