Gus Macker Still Looking For Volunteers
Published: June 22nd, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

NORWICH – With the 2022 Gus Macker Tournament weeks away, the Norwich YMCA is still seeking out volunteers. Jamey Mullen, the YMCA’s Executive Director, said in a past interview that Volunteers are what brings the event together. Without them, the event wouldn’t be the same. Mullen also said he hasn’t seen many events around Norwich that have opened its doors for everyone to play and help out, which is something he is proud of Gus Macker for doing.

Tom Revoir, the YMCA’s Sports Director, needs Gus Busters the most for this year’s event. With the 175 teams currently signed up, he knows he needs around 20 courts that will need 40 officials, two on each court. Revoir is offering $250 for anyone that is interested in reffing but they need to be skilled and know the game, along with knowing how to blow a whistle and spot fouls.

Sign ups for Volunteers and Scorekeepers can be found at the Norwich YMCA desk. From helping out at registration, handing out water bottles, scorekeeping for at least a half a day or for the whole weekend, or taking the time to ref as a Gus Buster, you can help make Gus Macker a continued success to the Norwich community.