Carpet Plus Color Tile Leads SNB Horseshoe Club
Published: June 20th, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

NEW BERLIN – For the week of June 8, Roger Chase and Robert Glover of Carpet Plus Color Tile are in first place, a half game ahead of Kelly’s Flowers’ Ed Kohler and Lee Coon. Behind them is Harrington Tree Service’s Danny Harrington and Lance Gage. Kelly’s Flowers came in second in both team high categories behind Rustic Ridge’s Ron Anderson and Dale Lund. In the team singles, Rustic Ridge scored 175 points compared to Kelly’s Flowers 149. Rustic Ridge scored 479 points in the team high series over Kelly’s Flowers 423.

For the men’s high singles, Ron Anderson took the win by just a point over Lee Coon, 90-89. Coon had no problem earning the win in the high series over Anderson’s partner Lund (259-251).

For the women, Taylor Country House’s Jess Sherwood achieved the two-point average over Laughlin’s Lawn Care’s Sheryl Rowe in the high singles (80-78). But in the high series, Rowe finished strong with 221 points over Sherwood’s 203.

In the team handicap categories, Rustic Ridge was dominant once again. For the high series, they outscored Potter’s Tire-Billy Schermerhorn and John Edwards- 225-221 and in the high series 629-619.

The South New Berlin Horseshoe club plays every Wednesday night with the scores published when they are sent.

Full Standings

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1. Carpet Plus Color Tile-Roger Chase/Robert Glover-19-5,1290 points

2. Kelly’s Flowers-Ed Kohler/Lee Coon-18.5-5.5, 2384 points

3. Harrington Tree Service-Danny Harrington/Lance Gage-18-6,1091 points

4. Bert Adams Disposal-Larry Shaw/Garrett Gott-16-8,1462 points

5. Stafford Builders-Al Bush/Al Patten-15-5,1850 points

6. Service Pharmacy-Larry Loomis/Melvin Harvey-15-9,841 points

7.Taylor’s Country House-Brad Shaver/Jess Sherwood-14-10,1761 points

8. P & E-Chris Eastman/Bill King-13.5-10.5,1509 points

9. Rustic Ridge-Ron Anderson/Dale Lund-13-11,2636 points

10. Angela’s Drunks with Rhythm-Rob Rowlands/Lisa Rowlands-12.5-11.5,655 points

11. Baillie Lumber-Tim Lidell/Mike Grant-12-12,2059 points

12. Team 23-Shawn Lambrecht/Hope Lambrecht-11.5-12.5,1113 points

13. Potter’s Tires-Billy Schermerhorn/John Edwards-11-9,1501 points

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14. Rolling M Stables-Justin Moffitt/Jim Moffitt-11-13,966 points

15. Norwich Tractor-Dan Raymond/Julie Raymond-11-13,828 points

16. The Trophy Guy-Cindy Miller/Joe Miller-10.5-13.5,1630 points

17. Webster Paving-Ed Webster/Bob Wells-10-14,1916 points

18. Wise Guys Sammy’s-Mike Aylesworth/Jamie Delamater-10-14,1510 points

19. Lloyd’s BBQ-George Hanslmaier/Jared Hanslmaier-8-12,1136 points

20. Carpet Protectors-Brian Prentice/Josh Prentice-7.5-16.5,1409 points

21. Laughlin’s Lawn Care-Sheryl Rowe/Bob Rowe-7-17,1791 points

22. Prolifiq Sign Studio-Tresta Smith/Kate Lloyd-7-17,1573 points

23. Acorn Acres Farmstead-Darla Smith/Sheryl Thurston-6-14,665 points

Men High Singles

Ron Anderson-90

Lee Coon-89

Dale Lund-85

Men’s High Series

Lee Coon-259

Dale Lund-251

Ron Anderson-228

Women’s High Singles

Jess Sherwood-80

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Sheryl Rowe-78

Cindy Miller-62

Women’s High Series

Sheryl Rowe-221

Jess Sherwood-203

Cindy Miller-169

Team High Singles

Rustic Ridge-175

Kelly’s Flowers-149

Stafford Builders-135

Team High Series

Rustic Ridge-479

Kelly’s Flowers-423

Stafford Builders-395

Team Handicap High Singles

Rustic Ridge-225

Potter’s Tire-221

Taylor’s Country House-213

Team Handicap High Series

Rustic Ridge-629

Potter’s Tire-619

Lloyd’s BBQ-618