NHS Track Sprint Team Raising Money For Nationals
Published: June 9th, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

NHS track sprint team raising money for Nationals The NHS Sprint team-Anthony Ragonese, Spencer Root, Holden Ryan, and Richard Fuller.(Submitted Photo)

NORWICH – After a recent victory in the sprint team relay, Norwich’s Anthony Ragonese, Spencer Root, Holden Ryan, and Richard Fuller are raising money to attend nationals. The four sprinters have two weeks to raise $8,000 to attend the Nike Nationals meet, which will be held in Eugene, Oregon June 16-19. The cost includes plane tickets, money for housing, food, and other expenses. Ragonese has been a sprinter for two years while the four have only endeared one full year together.

The sprinters have a regents exam on Friday June 17 and if able to attend nationals, the only flight from Syracuse to Oregon would leave that evening, making it a long night for the boys.

The last time anyone attended Nationals was in 2017 where nine players from Norwich attended the event in North Carolina. At that time, the players were very proactive in fundraising.

Ragonese speaks on the behalf of his sprint team on what going to Nationals would mean to them.

“Going to Nationals is very important to me and my teammates. In sixth grade when I saw one of my teammates make it to states and Nationals, it inspired me to push myself and work hard in every practice to want to go,” he said. “Now I have a chance to reach a big goal and a dream I’ve had for many years.”

Ragonese also speaks on earning the right to go to Nationals.

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“ My teammates and I were the first ones to practice and to the meets and were the last ones to leave,” he said. “When we found out that our time in the spirit medley relay was good enough for Nationals, it was almost one of the best days of our lives and to go would be even better.”

Ragonese and his mom Amy have started a Gofundme page, where they have raised $805 so far. They are also looking for donations from any of the local area businesses.

“I’m just trying to make my family happy and prove the people who doubted me wrong. There are many people that don’t believe we can get the money, but I truly believe that if we can get more people to hear about it, they will help in any way possible,” Ragonese said.

If unable to attend this year, the sprinters seek to do more fundraising in their senior year next spring for another chance to go.

To donate, visit gofundme and search "Trip to Nationals" by Anthony Ragonese. Also if you have a child(ren) on the indoor or outdoor track team, please consider joining their booster club to help current and future athletes achieve greatness.