Norwich Archery Teams Compete In Nationals
Published: May 17th, 2022
By: Morgan Golliver

Norwich Archery teams compete in Nationals Norwich high and middle school archery teams compete in Nationals held in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo from the Archery team’s Facebook page)

KENTUCKY– During the weekend, the Norwich middle school and high school archery teams participated in the 2022 NASP Eastern Nationals Archery Championships held in Louisville Kentucky.

Norwich competed against thousands of archers from throughout the Eastern United States.

The students representing Norwich were Jonah Adams, Josh Lindridge, Kat Renneker, Emilia Pepe, Kaiden Vidler, and Mallory Schuster along with coaches Terry Hagenbuch and Nicole Beckwith.

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Norwich eighth grade student Josh Lindridge was anticipating a successful event in Louisville after finishing first in the middle school state competition several weeks ago at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

In his anticipation, Josh placed in the Top 10 in multiple events. Josh scored 293 points out of 300 in the middle school Centershot IBO event where he finished second and ranked seventh overall out of the 535 male archers.

Josh also competed in the centershot bullseye event with a score of 284 out of 300 points for 6th place, and overall rank was 54 out of 95 male archers.

In the NASP Eastern National IBO (3D Animal Shot), Josh finished with a score of 287 out of 300 ranking ninth out of 1,021 middle school archers.

Josh’s most impressive event was the NASP Eastern Nationals Bullseye 300 Shoot with a score of 285 out of 300 points. His overall boys ranking was 246th out of 5,952 middle school and high school archers. This has been the highest score that a Norwich Archer has ever captured at Nationals and the highest placement too from any Norwich middle school or high school shooters.

With only being an eighth grader, Josh still has more to accomplish in years to come.

In the Eastern Nationals IBO middle school division behind Lindridge, Kathryn Renneker scored 253 points while Kaiden Vidler scored 248 points and Emilia Pepe with 233 points. Mallory Schuster scored 183 points. For the high school division, Jonah Adams scored 264 points.

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In the Centershot IBO Nationals, Kaiden Vidler had 229 points as Renneker scored 228 points and Mallory Schuster followed with 222 points for the middle school division. Behind them was Emilia Pepe with 216 points. Adams scored 264 points in the high school division.

Adams led the Norwich high school archers in the Bullseye 300 event as he shot a 269. He also shot a 270 in the Cenershot Nationals Bullseye event.

Pepe finished with 257 points in the Bullseye 300 event and with 266 points in the Centershot Bullseye. Behind Pepe, Schuster scored 229 points in the 300 event and 215 points in the Centershot Bullseye. Renneker shot a 216 in the 300 and a 223 in the Centershot event. Vidler scored a 253 in the Centershot event.

Congratulations to all of the national qualifiers.

Stay up to date with the Norwich archery teams on their Facebook page: Norwich High & Middle School Archery Teams.