Oxford Students Stock Brown Trout At Genegantslet Creek.
Published: April 20th, 2022

Oxford Students stock Brown Trout at Genegantslet Creek.

OXFORD – Working with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Chenango Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, members of the general public, and Heather Pizza’s 4th grade class of Oxford Academy Primary School along with her assistant Deb Copeland stocked approximately 3,000 Brown Trout.

Jim Everard, NYSDEC Fish Biologist explained to the students the process of raising Trout and the reason for stocking them in Genegantslet Creek.

The students enjoyed placing pail loads of Brown Trout in the stream and they were happy being on a school field trip for the first time in over two years.

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Heather Pizza’s class also participated in Trout Unlimited “Trout In The Classroom.” The students get

to watch the development of Brook Trout from eggs to fry. When large enough, the students stock the Brook Trout in a local stream.

– From Randy W. Gibbon, Chenango Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited