The Place Is Hosting A Gallery To Highlight Teen Photography Program
Published: April 7th, 2022

NORWICH – One local organization is giving teens a chance to acquire new skills and learn about some of the people who have played a role in making Norwich what it is.

In an effort to combine technical aspects of photography with a multi-generational approach to learning, The Place, alongside local artist Jill Kraft, have constructed a photography program that takes a new approach to learning the many aspects of the art form.

The current six-week session will conclude with a gallery opening to showcase the students work, both written and on camera, on April 14 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Creative Works in downtown Norwich.

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“We have been offering these photography classes for six-week intervals since 2020, and each one targets varying aspects of digital photography,” said Kraft, who instructs the classes.

The sessions have taught students about the inner workings of cameras, landscape photography, black and white photography, portraiture, the history of photography, and about the many jobs students could get into that involve photography.

The current session explores the inner workings of portrait photography but with a twist. Executive Director Sharon Vesely and Kraft contacted local individuals they identified as people from the community who have made an impact on the city in some way. There were six individuals invited in, and students had the chance to both interview each participant and pick a place to capture them on camera. Students came up with their own research questions and determined what background would accurately depict each subject.

These sessions have been made possible with funding from a private donor who continually supports the efforts being made to bring more artistic services for youth into the area.

- Information provided by The Place