New Preston Supervisor Represents Area At Albany Conference With State Leaders
Published: April 5th, 2022

New Preston Supervisor represents area at Albany conference with state leaders Legislative representatives including New York State Governor Kathy Hochul attended the NYS Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Albany last month to discuss the issues New York's counties are currently facing. Town of Preston Supervisor Zachary Meseck is the youngest supervisor in Preston's history, but he was given the opportunity to represent Chenango County at the conference. (Submitted photo)

CHENANGO COUNTY – A local town supervisor had the opportunity to represent Chenango County at a legislative conference in Albany with discussions on several issues that counties continue to face throughout the state.

According to Town of Preston Supervisor Zachary Meseck, the conference gave county officials throughout New York the ability to get information from state experts. Meseck said the conference was attended by New York State Governor Kathy Hotchul, Attorney General Letitia James, and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

“It was refreshing to see government representatives coming together to discuss solutions for the problems most of our counties are facing,” said Meseck. “At the same time I was honored to be able to represent Chenango County at that conference, and to meet so many great leaders from across New York.”

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Meseck said finances were a key part of most discussions at the conference, and millions of dollars that haven’t been available in the past are being proposed on top of the governor’s budget by some members of the state assembly and senate.

Those interested in learning more about the budget may visit for the budget review summary created by the comptroller’s office.

“Our state was in rough financial shape before the pandemic, and now we have billions of dollars in surplus - which is apparent in this year’s proposed budget,” he said. “Some of the main areas of spending highlighted in the conference included increased CHIPS funding for road work and prioritizing internet access through the ConnectALL initiative.”

“One area where legislators felt there could have been more financial support was in childcare.”

Information tracked by the state showed the average cost for two children in care is $2,047 per month or $24,564 per year, and federal recommendations for spending claimed that childcare should not be more than seven percent of a family’s income.

Meseck said based on that recommendation, a family with two children is expected to have an annual income of approximately $350,414 to appropriately budget for childcare costs. He said while there are subsidies to help both parents who need childcare and the individuals providing it - the need for the service remains prevalent even in Chenango County.

“Childcare costs in New York are unbearable for most working class parents,” said Meseck. “For those who are paying for childcare, finding an available care provider proves to be another issue.”

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“There is an alarming disconnect between childcare cost and financial guidelines - between the federal government and the reality of childcare in our state.”

With an average median household income of approximately $52,000, Meseck said it's no wonder why many parents would choose to stay home with children rather than work to spend most of their pay on childcare costs.

He added that childcare was only one of several major topics that were discussed at the meeting, and anyone interested in learning more can reach out to for additional information.

“Partnering with other counties is such a valuable resource, and I was honored to have the opportunity to represent us at that conference,” said Meseck.

– Information provided by Town of Preston Supervisor Zachary Meseck