Mayor Proclaims February 15 As Carol A. Franklin Day
Published: February 17th, 2022
By: Sarah Genter

Mayor proclaims February 15 as Carol A. Franklin Day Carol Franklin and her loved ones, and City of Norwich Mayor Brian Doliver, after Doliver read a proclamation designating February 15, 2022 as Carol A. Franklin Day to thank her for her many years of service on the Chenango County Board of Elections. (Photo by Sarah Genter)

NORWICH — During the common council meeting on Tuesday, February 15, City of Norwich Mayor Brian Doliver proclaimed the day to be Carol A. Franklin Day in the City of Norwich, to thank her for her many years of service to the community.

"Carol Franklin has served as the Democratic Commissioner for the Chenango County Board of Elections since September 23, 1991, prior to which she served as clerk from October 14, 1983, in that same office," Doliver read.

"Mrs. Franklin has served this community with perseverance and commitment, not only in her position as commissioner, but as a volunteer on the Chenango County Democratic Committee since the mid 1970s, serving as first and second Vice Chair as a member of the Democratic Women’s Club, for which she served as an officer."

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Franklin recently retired from her position as Democratic Commissioner for the Chenango County Board of Directors, sparking Doliver to recognize her efforts. This marks the second mayoral proclamation made by Doliver since the start of his term in January, although it is the first to honor an individual.

"I, Brian Doliver, Mayor of the City of Norwich, New York, do hereby proclaim February 15, 2022, as Carol A. Franklin Day in the City of Norwich, and extend to Mrs. Franklin a world of thanks for her dedicated service on behalf of the city, and best wishes for a long and happy retirement," said Doliver.

Several loved ones of Franklin came to the meeting to show their support and recognition, and a copy of the proclamation was presented to her by the mayor.

A statement of support for election workers was also read by Doliver following the proclamation.

"Kind of coinciding with this, we have a statement supporting election workers, election year 2022," he said. "We, the mayor and the common council of the City of Norwich, value, support, and defend election worker’s integrity and commitment. We thank them for their dedicated service to our communities and our nation."

The statement spoke to the hard work and integrity of election workers, and also expressed that the city's elected officials strive to protect them, as well as local elections.

"Year after year our election workers spend long hours planning, preparing for, and running our elections. It’s their job to ensure the election process complies with the voting laws, that all those who are eligible and register can vote, and that their votes are counted officially, completely, and accurately," Doliver read. "We strongly condemn threats or violence against these public servants. We will do everything we can to protect them and the integrity of our elections."

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A video recording of the February 15 common council meeting can be found on the City of Norwich Facebook page.