City Takes Steps Toward Flood Prevention
Published: January 25th, 2022
By: Sarah Genter

City takes steps toward flood prevention Due to its close proximity to two rivers, a majority of the City of Norwich is within a flood zone, and flooding is a constant risk. The newly established flood mitigation commission will address flooding concerns, and possible ways to mitigate the risk. (Photo by Tyler Murphy)

NORWICH — A permanent flood mitigation commission was recently formed by City of Norwich Mayor Brian Doliver, and he appointed the first three members during the common council meeting on Tuesday, January 18.

The commission began as a temporary establishment by former City of Norwich Mayor Christine Carnrike, but Doliver said he felt the commission was a necessary measure against flooding in the city.

"I formed the committee because I felt that it was necessary. Mayor Carnrike had put this committee together, but it was going to be temporary, and I felt it was important to make it permanent," he explained. "We have 65 percent of the parcels in the City of Norwich are in the flood zone. It tends to be an issue on a regular basis, and there’s so many things we need to talk about."

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He added that anything the city does to mitigate flooding, such as dredging a creek or installing a berm, which is a mound of earth formed along a creek edge, must be approved by the state. The commission would serve as a body to handle that process. It would also be a place for City of Norwich residents to go with any questions or concerns regarding flooding.


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