COVID-19 Update And Changes
Published: January 20th, 2022

CHENANGO COUNTY — In order to align ourselves with the updated New York State Guidelines, we are changing our procedures effective January 20, 2022. We are no longer going to be processing the at-home test reports. You may still use the forms for your needs.

Forms are available for self-management on our website and on the NYS Department of Health website. If your school-aged child tests positive, please report it to the school. We will still be working closely with the schools.

Any positive test is a positive test, including at-home tests:

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Please do not go to the ER to seek additional COVID testing. There have been some reports from our medical community that COVID testing is clogging up the ER unnecessarily. Please go to a testing site if you are only there for testing and have no symptoms.

In addition to choosing the most appropriate place for a COVID-19 test, the best way to help alleviate the pressure on hospitals is to go get your vaccinations and a booster shot. Mask wearing is still crucial. The best mask is one that you will wear and fits you well.

If you are an employer, please do not require your employees to do additional testing or to get a PCR test. We do not recommend that your employees go the ER or to their provider for additional testing once they have a positive at-home test. A positive at-home test is a positive test.

Forms and guidance for employers can be found on the Forms for employees are listed below.

New York State’s approach to isolation and quarantine website:

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19 or were exposed to someone who has COVID-19?

These instructions will guide you through the steps you should take, depending on your situation. This is a self-management approach with COVID-19 cases. Everything you need is here:

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When you test positive you should isolate for at least five complete days, with Day 0 being the date your symptoms began, or the date that you were tested if you are asymptomatic. You should monitor your symptoms, stay away from others, notify your close contacts, obtain paperwork from one of the websites if needed, and wear a mask an additional five days. A complete detailed list of what you should do is on the website.


Chenango County Forms:

NYS Forms: (Scroll down the page)

Testing Locations:

-from the Chenango County Health Department