Habitat For Humanity Projects: Looking Back At Some Happy News
Published: December 29th, 2021
By: Jeanie Petersen

Habitat for Humanity projects: Looking back at some happy news CCHH volunteers (L to R) Tom Murray, Seth Urie, and Building Committee Chair - David Wright making repairs at the Klee House in Guilford. Make 2022 the year you try volunteering.
(Submitted photo)

GUILFORD – Chenango County Habitat for Humanity (CCHH), a not-for-profit organization, handled several small works projects over this past year.

The results have made a big impact on some happy Chenango County residents who received a Habitat helping hand with their house problems. Looking forward, the new Marjory Clark Grant might be just the special assistance needed for a New Year’s project.

Small works projects may sound insignificant, but to some homeowners, getting a new roof or a bathroom made more accessible can make a world of difference, especially when you’re unable to do the work yourself! The Habitat team had several volunteers, spending many long days to complete improvements from Norwich to New Berlin.

The CCHH team repaired a wheelchair ramp, sagging boards and a loose railing for a disabled couple in New Berlin. Another disabled couple in Norwich had repairs made to their foundation, faucets, storm doors, and a laundry list of small needs taken care of.

One woman in Guilford had a problem with flooding in her basement until CCHH regraded the lawn next to her foundation. They also helped reduce her future heating costs with some much-needed weatherizing. Another Guilford resident needed a step replaced leading up to her driveway with a gravel path and a safe railing.

The historic Klee House in Guilford also needed Habitat’s help. They replaced two basement windows and some rotted wood, repaired two exit lights, and sealed up the drafty foundation. It was a productive 2021.

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The cost to the homeowners was for materials only, and it was financed thru the CCHH Home Repair program... a 0% interest loan. (The CCHH family selection committee approved the applicants by need and by income. They handle repairs up to $3500.)

There is now a Marjory Clark Grant. Marjory was a super lady that helped CCHH start their affiliate and was on the board until she passed in 2018. Marjory left CCHH a donation to help fund some small works projects. The family must apply for the grant (for the building materials) and is accepted according to need. Your donations to the MC Grant will keep it going so Habitat can help others in the future.

Visit chenangohabitat.org/ regarding donations or being part of the CCHH construction team. If you can contribute any time or materials, contact Sandra Colton at (607) 334-7492; email: (chenango.habitat@gmail.com)   Put “Habitat” as the subject.