Shooting Threats From Unknown Online Sources Disrupt Local Schools
Published: December 13th, 2021
By: Tyler Murphy

NORWICH – On Friday morning schools in the Chenango County area were impacted by an electronic threat received by local students.

The local incidents have been made part of a New York State Police investigation over a wider area of NY. Police said they would look into each threat received.

The threats sparked school lockdowns on Friday, but officials seem to be taking a more skeptical approach to a another similar reported threat made over the weekend via social media.

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School officials said they were in constant contact with police over the incidents, and police had determined there was no real threat.

The Norwich City School District reported a student finding a new, similar message over the weekend but the district did not close school on Monday. Police said an increased police presence would be at local schools in the days ahead, including the placement of undercover officers.

BOCES, school districts, and police are responding with higher alertness and additional safety measures at schools.

“Thank you for your patience, as we investigated the phantom text. Through the investigation, we have determined the threat was not credible nor did it place NCSD as a target,” reported the Norwich City Schools on Facebook during the lockdowns on Friday. The school also stated, ”There are multiple schools in multiple counties responding to this exact social media post.”


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