Dunderberg Gallery Holding Two Weekends Of Shows
Published: December 8th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

Dunderberg Gallery holding two weekends of shows (Left) Elizabeth Nields' "Platter with Goat." This piece is currently on display at the Dunderberg Gallery as part of the weekend shows. (Submitted photo) (Right) A sculpture created by artist Marcus Villagran. Villagran will be featuring works never before seen on the East Coast at two upcoming weekend shows at the Dunderberg Gallery. (Photo from dunderberggallery.com)

GILBERTSVILLE — The Dunderberg Gallery in Gilbertsville will be holding two more shows this month featuring the works of owner Marcus Villagran and local artist Elizabeth Nields.

The shows will be held on the weekends of December 10, 11, and 12, and December 17, 18, and 19. Friday hours are 1 to 7 p.m., Saturday hours are 11 to 5 p.m., and Sunday hours are 11 to 4 p.m. Masks are required and available at the door.

Featured in the shows will be Villagran's handmade clay sculptures, as well as pottery and sculpture created by Nields.

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"I worked most of my life in ceramics making production pottery, and also handmade clay sculpture, and that's what the gallery is exhibiting," said Villagran. "My work from the pre-2000s in California, and that which I am making now. And also with Elizabeth Nields, we're both sharing this gallery."

Villagran worked with Peter Voulkos, an influential ceramicist that introduced the ceramic world to the abstract expressionist movement, according to Nields.

"He brought the abstract expressionist movement, Peter Voulkos did, to the ceramic world," she explained. "A lot of people went from making functional pottery, but when they started working with clay they would build these awesome things that had some of those functional shapes, but distorted and maybe very thick, you know, torn into. And Voulkos does it beautifully."

"Marcus does it really beautifully, too. They're strange, but they're beautiful," she added.


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