Leatherstocking Corvette Club Donates To Toys For Tots, Food Pantries
Published: December 7th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

Leatherstocking Corvette Club donates to Toys for Tots, food pantries The Leatherstocking Corvette Club dropped off their donation of toys to the Toys for Tots collection at Saint Bart's Parish Hall on Monday. Pictured is Tots for Tots Assistant Coordinator Teresa Foster-Jones, Leatherstocking Corvette Club Officer at Large Dick Fleming, Leatherstocking Corvette Club Secretary Sharon Fleming, and Toys for Tots Coordinator Terry Potter. (Photo by Sarah Genter)

NORWICH — The Leatherstocking Corvette Club donated several toys to the local Toys for Tots collection at Saint Bart's Parish Hall on Monday.

"It all came about when we first started the club. One of our members was in the State Troopers, and they promoted Toys for Tots. So we kind of got started that way, and then we just continued every year," said Leatherstocking Corvette Club Secretary Sharon Fleming.

At their annual Christmas parties, members of the club bring in a toy donation, which Sharon and Dick Fleming bring to Saint Bart's Parish Hall to be sorted and distributed to families in need.

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"We ask our members to donate, and they bring the stuff to the party, and then we bring it here or Rite Aid or wherever they happen to be. And, you know, we usually get a decent amount of toys," said Dick Fleming.

The club was first formed in 2003, with the purpose of bringing together like-minded individuals who "have a common interest in the Corvette," according to the Leatherstocking Corvette Club website. The group is approximately 45 members strong, all hailing from different areas in New York and Pennsylvania.


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