Accident In Norwich Leaves Two Sheriff's Deputies Injured
Published: December 6th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

Accident in Norwich leaves two Sheriff's Deputies injured The vehicles involved in the accident that occurred on Saturday, December 4, at 11:56 p.m. An investigation into the crash is still pending. (Photos from the City of Norwich Police Department)

NORWICH — On Saturday, December 4, at approximately 11:56 p.m., two Chenango County Sheriff’s Deputies in a patrol car were involved in a crash with another vehicle at the intersection of East Main Street and North Broad Street in Norwich.

"The deputies were northbound heading to a call, with their lights and sirens on," said Chenango County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Joshua Gould. "As they went through the intersection, the other vehicle was traveling, he would've been traveling west on Main Street. And, you know, he basically T-boned them."

The driver of the vehicle that hit the deputies was 19 year old Seth Wessels, who was found to be intoxicated at the time of the accident.

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"An investigation ensued, both deputies were taken to the hospital and later released with minor injuries," said Norwich PD Detective Sergeant Reuben Roach. "Seth was arrested for a DWI, and the investigation is still pending."

The Norwich Police Department and Norwich Fire Department responded to the accident. Additionally, an accident reconstruction system from the Chenango County Sheriff's Department was brought to the scene.

"Basically there's a machine system, whatever you want to call it, that reconstructs the whole scene, which basically does 365 [degree] photographs, as well as tracking of points. So it essentially does exactly what you say, it reconstructs it," Gould explained. "So we have a full diagram of the whole scene, with measurements, and we can do animations with it. You know, there's lots of different things we can do with it after the fact."

Gould confirmed both deputies suffered minor injuries from the accident, and one of them has not yet returned to work.

"One's still out, one returned. One never missed any time. He came back, you know, the next day and just had some minor sprain to his wrists," he said. "The other one did go to the hospital, and as of right now is out for the remainder of this week, and then getting reevaluated."

An investigation into the accident is ongoing. Roach confirmed that Wessels was charged with a DWI, and is scheduled to appear in court.

"The investigation is ongoing. Mr. Wessels will be going to court, and I believe they're going to be assessing the deputies' injuries," he said.


2 years ago
As anyone can see the Sheriffs car hit the truck in the left front corner and spun the truck around. The article said the truck T-Boned the sheriffs car, if this is true then why does the car with all the front end damage the cop car ? The sheriffs car obviously hit the truck and I'm sure if they look at the 4 downtown traffic cams they will see this but being Norwich, they'll just cover it up and blame the driver of the truck no matter what !!
2 years ago
Sometimes it is difficult to know what direction sirens are coming from. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor. This is why you NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!
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