Chobani Is Bringing Yogurt To Canada
Published: September 23rd, 2021

Chobani is bringing yogurt to Canada Image from Chobani

NEW BERLIN — Chobani has announced the company has expanded to Canada.

In August the company announced that through an exclusive agreement with Loblaws, one of Canada’s largest food retailers, customers can now find three flavors of Chobani Greek Yogurt nationwide.

All of Chobani’s dairy yogurts in Canada will also be Fair Trade USA certified.

The Fair Trade Certified seal on Chobani Greek Yogurt tubs means that the dairy farmers and farm workers who collect the milk work in safe and healthy conditions and receive additional funds to address local needs or invest in community projects.

Chobani partnered with Fair Trade USA to launch this certification program for U.S. dairy farms and cooperatives, which helps to protect and empower dairy farmers and workers while raising sustainability standards.

“We’re very excited to offer Canadian consumers our Fair Trade Certified Greek yogurt as part of our mission to make good food for all while supporting our dairy farm communities,” says Peter McGuinness, President of Chobani. “Delivering our products across Canada is a win-win for Fair Trade Certified dairy and Canadian consumers.”

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