I.N.N. Completes Home Rehab In The City Of Norwich
Published: September 10th, 2021
By: Zachary Meseck

NORWICH – Improve Norwich Now (I.N.N.) purchased a vacant home in the City of Norwich which had been sitting for more than seven years, and after nearly a year of work the home has been completely rehabilitated.

According to Improve Norwich Now President Jen Westervelt, the home will be listed for sale and funding will be used to benefit Fostering Futures of Chenango County and other I.N.N. initiatives.

“From the founding of Improve Norwich Now, community members expressed a desire to see depilated homes improve in our area,” said Westervelt. “Several homes were visited, but it wasn’t until a partnership with the Norwich Building Tomorrow Foundation that we were in the financial position to move on purchasing a property.”

“In addition, I.N.N. was honored to have our proposal be accepted for this tax sale property located at 13 Jones Ave.”

According to Improve Norwich Now Vice President John Trottier, more work was needed on the home than was initially anticipated. She added the home required attention at every level, from the roof, to electrical and plumbing systems, as well as an interior overhaul.

“Improve Norwich Now is pleased to have built connections with quality local contractors, who could assist in performing the needed work,” he said. “We also worked with local suppliers to purchase materials.”

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“We had over 20 volunteers who assisted with this project, some of the volunteers used their time to help organize work days, while others committed to completing tasks when their own time allowed including mowing the lawn and helping with landscaping.”

Trottier said volunteers came to the project through existing I.N.N. connections, passionate community members, and Jones Ave neighbors. He said the successful completion of the project would likely not have been possible without the combined effort of all of those individuals and businesses.

He added that the engagement via I.N.N.’s facebook page has also invited community members to participate in the renovation remotely, and that the exterior color scheme of the home was determined by a community vote on the facebook page.

Westervelt said those who are interested in learning more about I.N.N. may visit its facebook page at Improve Norwich Now or its website at ImproveNorwichNow.org for additional information. She said the home is for sale with a list price of $124,999 and that those who are interested in putting in an offer may reach out for more information.

“This project was made possible thanks to a no-interest loan through the Norwich Building Tomorrow Foundation, a group that has a mission similar to that of I.N.N. – the betterment of the greater Norwich area through strategic investment.” said Westervelt. “We also can’t thank this community enough as we celebrate two years as an organization.”

“Together, we will Improve Norwich Now.”

By Zachary Meseck, Sun Staff Contributor