Former Members Of The 98th Division Met To Recall Service
Published: June 28th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

Former members of the 98th Division met to recall service Former members of the 98th Division at their reunion on Saturday. It has been several years since the Division has gathered, and some members travelled as from as far as Missouri to attend. (Photo by Sarah Giglio)

NORWICH — On Saturday, former members of the 98th Division Army Reserve met at the Norwich American Legion for a reunion.

There were smiles and handshakes all around as the group convened for the first time in many years. Some members travelled from as far as Missouri and Vermont to be there. The gathering was made possible by Master Sergeant Jock Dietzman.

"The people don't do it enough. So I just thought we'd do it," said Dietzman. "We just need to get people together."

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The group was in good spirits despite the blazing heat, and spent the afternoon reminiscing on their time together.

The 98th Division was located in Norwich for 20 years, according to an article written by 98th Division member A. Gail Merian, titled "98th Division (Training) Army Reserve Units." Its purpose was to provide basic combat training and engineering training to military personnel.

"We're engineers, and we went to camp and trained troops on engineering subjects like map reading, bridging, mines," said Sergeant Dave Dietrich.

Merian also wrote in her article that at one time the Division was located in Binghamton, but that in the 1970's Colonel Carl Rosenquist felt the commute was too long for the soldiers, and worked to have the headquarters moved to Norwich.


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