Gift Ideas For Dads And Grads
Published: June 9th, 2021
By: Eric Davis

Gift Ideas for dads and grads Outdoor Columnist Eric Davis

Father’s Day is coming and so is high school graduation. Many people struggle to find gift ideas for people who seem to have everything they need for hunting or fishing but here are some ideas that could help you pick a winner this year.

Lifetime license: Whether it is for fishing, hunting, or both (and even trapping), a lifetime license eliminates the need to buy a license every year. While they might need to buy extra privileges such as muzzleloading or turkey tags, having the main license taken care of can help financially each year.

The money spent on a lifetime license gets put into a trust and the interest on the money in the trust is used for the support and promotion of hunting, trapping, and fishing. You can find more information on the NYSDEC website.

Rangefinder: Even those who have rangefinders would likely enjoy receiving a new model due to the advancements in technology over the past few years.

New rangefinders are more compact, so they are easier to use in the field and many come with angle compensation to provide the user with the correct distance to aim on steep incline and decline shots. This is a gift that gun hunters and archery hunters would appreciate.

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Kayak: While usually more of the younger person’s type of activity kayaking can be fun for almost everyone. For high school grads, I would look at 10-foot model. Sit-in options keep the user drier, but they ride a little higher in the water making them feel tippy. Sit-on options let water come up through a few spots which usually leads to a wet bottom for the user, but they sit lower on the water making them feel more stable.

For larger kids and adults, a 12- or 14-foot model may be a better fit. Longer kayaks track, or stay straight, when paddling so they can cover more area with less fatigue to the user. Fishing models are available with rod holders and extra dry storage compartments.

Fundraiser tickets: With COVID restrictions being eased back as more people get vaccinated, many non-for-profit organizations are beginning to hold fundraising events again. Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Whitetails Unlimited, and many others are among the groups who use banquet style dinners to raise funds to support their missions.

Enjoying a night with other outdoors enthusiasts can help them feel like the pandemic is in the rearview. This also helps the local venues who host these events and get revenue from providing the banquet space and sometimes the meals and drinks as well, so it is a two-fold benefit.

Fishing rod and reel combination: Buying a fishing rod for an avid angler can be tough if you do not know what they already have but getting someone started can be a little easier. For an all-around good setup, I recommend a six-foot or six-and-a-half-foot medium action rod with a spinning reel. This will let the angler catch just about everything they can in New York.

Put some 8-pound test line on the spool and it is ready to hit the water. If you have a more seasoned angler, you can try to buy something they do not already have such as a small ultralight for catching panfish and trout. Getting something new might get them to try fishing for a species they usually do not target or make them try a different technique or lure type.

Turkey hunting gear: Turkey season just ended, and many stores have their turkey gear marked on clearance now so they can buy the latest and greatest next spring.

So, if you heard complaints about lacking a decoy or wishing they had a particular type of call, you might be able to get them what they would use and save some money at the same time.

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While this list is just a handful of potential gifts, hopefully it can inspire you to think of a great gift to give this month.