Candidates Gathered In East Park Saturday To Meet With Constituents
Published: June 8th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

Candidates gathered in East Park Saturday to meet with constituents Candidate’s forum: (Not in order pictured) In attendance, mayoral candidates: Brian Doliver and John Quattrocchi; candidates for county clerk: Bill Smith and Brian Wessels; Ward 2 Alderman candidates: Fred Gee and Thomas Curnalia; Alderman Ward 4 candidate Bill Loomis; Alderman Ward 6 candidate Robert D. Jeffrey; City Supervisor for Wards 4, 5, and 6 candidate Robert M. Jeffrey; and candidates for County Sheriff: Debra Cubbedge and Ernest Cutting. (Photo by Sarah Giglio)

NORWICH — Over the weekend, candidates of the upcoming general election gathered in East Park to meet with voters and discuss political platforms. The forum was organized by the Democratic and Republican Committees of Chenango County. Areas of interest among candidates ranged from infrastructure improvement to refreshing the town and drawing in new residents.

The forum was meant to act as a platform for constituents to meet the people they may be voting for, and learn more about their stances and plans if elected, according to Democratic Committee member and forum organizer Karol Kucinski.

“And we think that what these candidate forums do is they provide a kind of platform where all candidates can present their views to the public. So that's a benefit to them. Okay. And it provides a place where all citizens or voters or constituents or whatever you want to call them can go and meet the people who they will have a chance to vote for. And ask them any questions that they may have, voice any concerns that they may have,” said Kucinski.

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In attendance were both mayoral candidates, Brian Doliver and John Quattrocchi, both candidates for county clerk, Bill Smith and Brian Wessels, Ward 2 Alderman candidates Fred Gee and Thomas Curnalia, Alderman for Ward 4 candidate Bill Loomis, Alderman for Ward 6 candidate Robert D. Jeffrey, City Supervisor for Wards 4, 5, and 6 candidate Robert M. Jeffrey, and candidates for Sheriff Debra Cubbedge and Ernest Cutting.


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