Senator Fred Akshar Announces Run For Broome County Sheriff
Published: June 4th, 2021

Senator Fred Akshar announces run for Broome County Sheriff Standing with local leaders, sheriffs and supporters from across the Southern Tier region, New York State Senator Fred Akshar announced his plans to run for Broome County Sheriff this week. (Submitted photo)

BROOME COUNTY – Surrounded by over 75 local elected leaders, sheriffs and supporters from across the Southern Tier region, New York State Senator Fred Akshar announced his plans to run for Broome County Sheriff in the 2022 General Election.


Senator Fred Akshar said, “Serving the people of this community for the past two decades, first in law enforcement and then as State Senator, has been the absolute honor of my life and I pledge to continue serving our community as long as I draw breath. I can never express how humbled and grateful I am to have been able to travel, listen and fight like hell for the needs of our community in Albany. From the very start, I’ve pledged to be open, upfront and honest with the people who elected me and I respectfully offer that I’ve kept that promise. But I owe it to them to continue to be upfront and transparent, and to let them know when I’ve made a decision about how I’m best able to serve our community going forward.”


At the end of his current term as State Senator, Akshar wants to continue traveling, listening and fighting for the needs of the community as the next Broome County Sheriff.


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“My desire to serve has always been based around making the lives of the people of this community better,” said Akshar. “When Sheriff Harder announced his plans to retire at the end of his term, I searched my heart, we prayed, Jessica and I discussed this transition and we knew that this was an opportunity for me to better serve my community right here at home.”


Akshar’s announcement follows a career deeply rooted in law enforcement. His first job after attending Broome Community College was with the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher, then as a Sheriff’s Deputy with the same agency. Akshar then continued his career at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, working there for a total of 13 years. He attended and graduated from the FBI’s National Academy, proudly led an undercover narcotics unit and eventually worked his way up to serving as the Broome County Undersheriff.


As State Senator, Akshar held over 50 town hall events, toured countless small businesses, schools, met with thousands of constituents and had one of the most robust and effective Constituent Services Division in the entire NYS Senate. Legislatively, he authored and passed landmark legislation like Worker’s Compensation Reform to save businesses, not for profits and taxpayers billions of dollars, while continually standing up, speaking out and fighting for the interests of the people of the 52nd Senate District.


“The experience I gained as State Senator has been invaluable,” said Akshar. “It helped me gain new perspectives and allowed me to engage and listen to a wide variety of people, advocates and successfully deal with issues that I would have never come across if I had remained with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. My time away from the badge helped me grow as a person and helped me grow as a public servant. My wife Jessica and I have started a family, which changed my world and changed my perspective for the better, and I now have the opportunity to put all this perspective and experience together to help ensure our families can all live in a better, safer community.”


Just as it was as State Senator, Akshar’s focus on putting the Community First will be at the core of his approach as Broome County Sheriff. At the announcement, Akshar outlined his Community F.I.R.S.T. Plan, which focuses on the key areas of Fiscal Responsibility, Integrated Community Policing, Responsible Re-Entry, Safety and Security and finally Transparency.


“Trust is built through transparency,” said Akshar. “I believe that together, we have the opportunity to improve on the past and make positive changes for the future. There’s an opportunity and a duty to support the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day - all while still moving law enforcement in a positive direction to better serve the communities they are sworn to protect.”


Akshar plans to put the same amount of effort, focus and work he put into serving as State Senator each and every day into serving as Broome County Sheriff, but stressed that he intends to finish his term in the Senate with that same effort, focus and hard work.

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“I want to be clear to the people of the 52nd Senate District that I intend to serve them to fullest capacity for the rest of my term just as I have since I was elected,” said Akshar. “Our community deserves nothing less.”


A unified message of wide ranging local support for Akshar’s candidacy for Broome County Sheriff was delivered by dozens of local elected officials, law enforcement, advocates and community members from across the Southern Tier, including state representatives, sheriffs, county legislators, mayors, town supervisors and law enforcement unions.


Assemblyman Joe Angelino said, “I’m happy and excited to hear of Senator Akshar’s decision to return to his law enforcement roots.  Fred and I met as law enforcement officers many years ago. The man is all about public service.  The people of Broome County are going to gain a great Sheriff, and I’m losing a staunch friend in the state legislature.  I wish him and his family well.”


Former Assemblyman Cliff Crouch said, “Senator Akshar was a tremendous colleague in the state legislature and he’s done a great job advocating for the people of our community. Fred has my full support in his candidacy for Broome County Sheriff.”


Chenango County Sheriff Ernie Cutting said, "As Senator Akshar seeks to return to law enforcement, I support his efforts and strive to continue to work with him to enhance public safety in New York State. I look forward to continue working with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.”

– From the Office of New York State Senator Fred Akshar