Keep Calm And Kerri On: ‘My Superpower’
Published: April 12th, 2021

Keep Calm and Kerri on: ‘My Superpower’

Dear Friends,

I’m a big fan of the superhero movie lineup. Or, anything having to do with magic.

The idea that a person could uncover their “hidden power” through circumstance is fun to think about. Especially when it’s a person who didn’t even know they had powers, strength, telepathy, the ability to read minds, fly, or any number of “powers” that our favorite characters portray. Harry Potter was living under the stairs with his extended family and had no idea he was the most powerful wizard ever … hello?!

Isn’t that the premise of most superhero movies? The main character doesn’t know that they have an ability, and it grows stronger or comes on unexpectedly when they are faced with a life or death (or traumatic) experience. Sometimes they are born with it; or sometimes they are bit by a spider, or come into contact with something that gives them super powers. Other times they just want to right a wrong, and develop tools, and trinkets, to help them fight crime.

And usually, at some point in their story, the hero loses their “power” or abilities when they are faced with a crisis of identity or purpose, only to get them back in the nick of time. I mean, the God of Thunder was turned mortal, lost his power (well, his dad took it) and then just when we thought he had died, it comes back to him.

I am going to date myself a little, but this past weekend I was looking for a movie to watch and came upon ‘Teen Witch’ (1989). I watched the movie with the same awe and excitement that I did when I was a kid. The idea that a slightly awkward, nerdy girl, would discover that she was really a witch and her powers would come to her on her 16th birthday was very cool. What kid didn’t watch this movie, and then have a bubble of hope that on their 16th birthday, just maybe they would develop powers too? I dreamed of the day I could magically turn my brother into a dog, make my crush notice me, or be gorgeous and popular.

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What is it about superpowers and magic that draws us in? The ability to do something that no one else can, right? Something so rare that it makes you special. You can fight crime, take down mob bosses, defeat aliens trying to take over the world, mess with people who wronged you, or magically create a world where everything is ok.

We come across heroes and heroines every day, each with their own superpower and magic abilities. They don’t all wear a costume, have laser vision, fly, walk through walls, or create something out of thin air.

Think about someone who seems to go above, and beyond, without any thought for themselves. Think about someone that finds a way to bring joy, light and positivity wherever they go. Think about someone who has helped you when you needed it, never asking for anything in return. Think about someone who can rally people, even in a difficult situation and make them believe and inspire hope.

And, what is a superpower, really?

Something deep down within you, that sets you apart. Something that makes you special. Something that gives you armor to fight danger. Something that protects you. Something that gives you the ability to face the danger and help others.

We all have the ability now to have a superpower. We all have the ability to protect those that we love.

We all have the ability to think of each other, even strangers, and do what is right for our fellow citizen.

You, too, can have a superpower. Right now, you have the ability to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. This virus was the attacker. This virus wreaked havoc on our world. This virus killed our loved ones. Literally stopped the world in it’s tracks. Scared us. Scared our kids. Can you think of a movie where the world was under attack, and those with the power to do something about it, didn’t do everything they had to, regardless of what may happen to themselves? Even regular people, without superpowers, stand up to injustice and fight until the end.

We have the ability, right now, to stomp out COVID and take back our world. The eligibility is wide open and there is no excuse not to go. The science and data are there. The facts are there. You need to drown out the noise of the conspiracy theorists who thrive on creating havoc and distrust.

In just the past few weeks the number of clinics have grown, there are mass vaccine clinics close by (Binghamton and Oneonta), it’s easy to register and there is even free transportation for anyone who doesn’t have a ride through the GetThere Mobility Program. We have services and places you can go to get help to register, get a loved one register, and a dedicated health department that will answer any medical question or concern that you have.

There is no excuse or reason not to get your vaccine.

I am happy to announce that I had my second Pfizer shot this past Friday at the mass vaccination site at SUNY Oneonta. Just like my first time through it was easy and everyone was friendly and helpful. I can’t begin to describe the feeling I have knowing that I am now protected, and that my loved ones are protected.

I am vaccinated. What’s YOUR superpower?

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Be well, Chenango, and get vaccinated.

~ Kerri