Norwich DPW And DOT Planning For Major Work Along Broad And Main Street In 2022
Published: March 17th, 2021
By: Sarah Genter

NORWICH – The City of Norwich Department of Public Works told common council members last week they hope to coordinate with the New York Department of Transportation on major work that may repave South Broad Street and possibly East Main Street in Norwich in 2022, along with possible water, sewer and drainage renewal work.

DPW Superintendent Edward Pepe, said “The Department of Transportation is planning on repaving South Broad Street in 2022, and possibly East Main Street as well.”

In addition to repaving, he hopes they can also replace the street’s water mains, sewers, and storm drains, as they are all over 100 years old.

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The DOT has said it may be possible to incorporate the upgrades into the repaving project, said Pepe.

In order for these renewals to be added to the project, the Norwich DPW must present a detailed plan for approval and what the city’s needs are. The DOT will then determine the amount of funding provided. Pepe said the city wanted to “go for as much funding as possible.”

If the plan is accepted, it will mean a massive construction project for the city. The improvements of the water mains may lead to a temporary lack of access to water for some residents, but a temporary water supply would be provided, said officials.


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