Chenango Greenway Seeks To Purchase Norwich Stone Quarry
Published: March 17th, 2021
By: Zachary Meseck

Chenango Greenway seeks to purchase Norwich stone quarry (Submitted Photo)

NORWICH – A local nonprofit named Chenango Greenway is attempting to purchase the stone quarry in Norwich in order to ensure the land is open for public use for future generations.

According to Chenango Greenway Conservancy Sharon Pelosi, due to the amount of acreage attached to the quarry it will take a significant public funding campaign in order to make the purchase possible by her target date of August.

“Our fundraising goal is approximately $300,000, which will cover our purchase price, and it will give us enough to do some improvements,” said Pelosi. “Right now people have to park on the street, and it can be difficult to walk up for people depending on their health and ages.”

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“We want to try and make it easier to access and help improve the experience for people.”

She said the stone quarry has a rich history, and while families who own the property have allowed individuals to visit the face, this move will ensure that the stone quarry is accessible to the public forever.

“The stone quarry property has long been a popular outdoor recreation destination for residents around Norwich as well as an important aesthetic resource that provides a scenic backdrop to the City of Norwich and a spectacular view of the city from the quarry face,” said Pelosi. “The Guinn and Quincy family have owned the property for many years and allowed it to be used for recreation on an informal basis.”


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