City Of Norwich Joint Committee Hears Proposal For Electric Car Chargers
Published: January 13th, 2021
By: Zachary Meseck

City of Norwich Joint Committee hears proposal for electric car chargers

NORWICH – The City of Norwich Joint Committee heard a presentation from Livingston Energy Group regarding electric car chargers. The committee then debated if it should add them to its infrastructure.

According to Livingston Energy Group Representative Sami Hawkins, this is the second time their organization has presented to the joint committee, and while there were initial concerns of risk versus reward there are several options to fill that gap.

“It seemed like a lot of the questions or discussion revolved around this concept of risk versus reward,” said Hawkins. “That the city was going to be taking on some sort of risk after taking on the stations, but they wouldn't be getting much out of it.”

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“We do have a program option where you guys can purchase and own the stations from us, and there's an annual software fee to keep the stations active.”

Hawkins said the city could charge two to three times whatever the cost of its electricity is, and then recoup the software charge; creating an opportunity to make extra revenue for the city in a way that was unavailable before.


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10 months ago
The joint committee should be asking NOT “what’s in it for the city”, but rather “what’s in it for our residents”. Residents pay the city/county taxes (not the joint committee per se) and providing public EV chargers demonstrates Norwich is looking towards the future. EV’s will become more and more mainstream and Norwich should be at the forefront.
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