Resolution Time

By: Eric Davis

Resolution Time

With the New Year here, it is common to hear about resolutions people are making for the year to try to better themselves.

While the most common ones revolve around self-health such as eating healthier or working out more to get into shape, it may worth considering a more radical resolution. Outdoors-focused resolutions should be on recreationalists’ minds. Whether your goal is to shoot a bigger buck or just to go fishing more, setting smaller goals as stepping blocks will help you achieve your larger goal.

Deer hunters can set goals for different times of the year to help them stay on track of shooting a bigger buck or just seeing more deer than they did in 2020. Mid-winter is the best time to prune fruit trees to help them be healthier and produce better crops of fruit. Remove vertical branches that will shade out lower branches once they have leaves on. Also look for horizontal branches that shade other branches out. Dense canopies can also lead to mold and mildew problems due to moisture getting trapped under the leaves and not fully drying out. Some winter scouting can help hunters see where deer are traveling thanks to the snow. Be aware that deer change feeding patterns sometimes in the winter as food sources run out or get covered with too much snow, but this should give you an idea where to hang trail cameras in the summer.


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