City Of Norwich Signs Contract With Interconnect Wireless

By: Zachary Meseck

City of Norwich signs contract with Interconnect Wireless

NORWICH – In a special common council meeting on Tuesday, City of Norwich representatives agreed to sign a contract with Interconnect Wireless with hopes to provide internet service to more rural parts of Chenango County.

According to City of Norwich Mayor Shawn Sastri, Interconnect Wireless approached the City of Norwich with a proposal to help provide internet to the Plymouth area. Sastri said the proposal includes limited infrastructure work on behalf of the city, and could help people who are struggling with the internet during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Basically Interconnect Wireless was looking to mount an antenna and get internet to the Plymouth area,” said Sastri. “The City of Norwich just wanted to help out and do our part to provide internet options to other parts of the county.”

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“With the coronavirus, having access to the internet is really important, especially for kids who are trying to do things online.”

Sastri said an antenna would be placed on the water tower located near Calvary Drive in Norwich. He said it would weigh approximately three pounds, which in theory would have a negligible impact on the tower. He added that there wasn’t a specific date in mind for the service at the time of the interview.


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