City Officials Discuss Possible Solution To Increase Code Enforcement

By: Catherine Sasso

City officials discuss possible solution to increase code enforcement Fire Cheif Jan Papelino discusses solutions to increase code enforcement within the City of Norwich with the Common Council. (Screenshot from live streamed meeting)

NORWICH – During the code enforcement budget proposal held at a City of Norwich special joint committee meeting Fire Chief Jan Papelino, who also works for code enforcement, proposed a plan to bring additional support to the department.

"Contracted services is one of the bigger expenses from this year," said Papelino. "It's typically for lawn mowing the city properties and the properties of the home owners that don't take care of their properties. We end up hiring someone to go cut the grass or remove the garbage. That has been quite a bit higher this year than normal."

Standard procedure is to call the owners of the property to let them know that they are in violation of city code. Code Enforcement asks the owners to take care of their lawn or dispose of excess garbage within the next few days. If it is not taken care of then the city must come in to clean up the mess.

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"The one thing probably at least two or three of you have talked to me about is potentially adding another code person to the mix," said Papelino to the council.


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3 weeks ago
It's time to stop the old boys club hiring practices and hire people who need jobs not retirees who have a pension and benefits ! Give someone else the job. I know of several retired NPD officers and NFD personnel working at other city and county jobs who made the choice to retire and then take other jobs to pad their income. I'm sorry but if you can't live on 30K a year in this area where the median income is 16K you need to watch your spending. This is why NY is the most mismanaged (BROKE) state in the union.
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