Sherburne Sweet Treat Business Jumps At Liquor Ice Cream Possibilities

By: Shawn Magrath

Sherburne sweet treat business jumps at liquor ice cream possibilities New legislation is allowing Gilligan's in Sherburne to add a variety of liquor-infused flavors into their existing alcohol ice cream lineup. (photo from Gilligan's Restaurant on Facebook)

SHERBURNE - New legislation allowing the manufacture and sale of liquor ice cream in New York State has gotten one local business buzzing about the prospects of building their brand beyond the four corners of Chenango County.

Gilligan’s in Sherburne already has a recognizable face in the world of mixed alcohol and ice cream, being the first legal maker of beer ice cream and expanding their product line to include flavors like “Strawberry Wine,” “Bavarian Chocolate Beer,” and “Double Buzz.” 

But business co-owner Andy Lagoe said although beer ice cream boomed in popularity after being allowed under law for the first time in 2018, their flavor options for hard ice cream have been somewhat limited without liquor. That all changes thanks to a new law signed by the governor on Monday.

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“Being able to do liquor in ice cream will help us expand the flavors we can do. With so many liquors and mixed drinks available, you can really come up with a variety of ice cream flavors,” said Lagoe. “The possibilities are really endless when you think about mixed drinks and liquors.”

Gilligan’s road to liquor-infused ice cream began with a conversation between Lagoe and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-123rd District) at an event in Binghamton two years ago. When hearing what liquor could do for sweet treat businesses like Gilligan’s, and for ag commerce in New York, Lupardo introduced legislation authorizing businesses to manufacture and sell liquor ice cream and other frozen desserts without needing a liquor license.

After the bill was signed into law this week, Gilligan’s wasted no time brainstorming a slate of new ice cream flavors. The lineup includes maple bourbon, Baileys and Kahlua, and a fireball whiskey.

“The ice cream kind of brings out the flavors in the liquor,” Lagoe said. “It kind of takes the edge off the alcohol because of the cream, but it brings out the flavor profiles a little bit and makes them a bit stronger.”


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