Norwich Mayor Takes Steps To Clean Up City Streets

By: Catherine Sasso

Norwich Mayor takes steps to clean up city streets On Friday, July 17, City of Norwich Mayor Shawn Sastri will be driving around the city returning any abandoned shopping carts to their respective stores. (Photo by Tyler Murphy)

NORWICH – From 8 to 10 a.m. on Friday, July 17, City of Norwich Mayor Shawn Sastri will be doing his part to clean up the city by returning abandoned shopping carts to their respective stores.

Sastri is asking those who know the location of abandoned carts to call or text his cell phone, 607-316-4013, with the location of the cart and he will ensure its return.

"The image of our city is important to local residents and business owners. Stray shopping carts throughout the city is unattractive. The past few months I have been focusing on managing the city through a pandemic. This is one way in a few short hours I can make an impact on our city," said Sastri.

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Representatives from the city’s government have been returning abandoned shopping carts for years. Not just to keep the city looking its best, but as a way to encourage city residents to also take initiative.

City meeting minute records indicate that abandoned shopping carts have been an issue in the city dating back to at least 1998 when multiple residents addressed the council asking for a resolution.


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3 months ago
It will take so much more than returning shopping carts to clean up Norwich. The attitude of all the citizens must change, help one and another to obtain a better looking and cleaner city. Restructure the rent for all residences and businesses, enabling change in the outward appeal for the city. Indice businesses to move here and provide decent-paying jobs for their employees. This would increase morale and pride in the outlook. Work with businesses to provide a working environment to conduct business and provide jobs. Mayor, listen to the people, get out and walk the streets, conduct interviews with groups of concerned citizens, take their concerns to heart, and consider working with all, not just a few.
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