Local Resident Celebrates 107th Birthday
Published: July 10th, 2020

Local resident celebrates 107th Birthday Genevieve MacDonald, a resident of the UHS Senior Living Center in Norwich, turns 107 today. (Submitted Photo)

NORWICH – Genevieve MacDonald is turning 107 years old on July 10th and is a resident of the UHS Senior Living Center in Norwich.

MacDonald has lived through wars, pandemics, and the world changing from horse drawn transportation to humans in space. The Senior Living floor at UHS Chenango Memorial will celebrate this milestone with cake and best wishes from residents and staff.

For MacDonald, Church has always been a very important part of her life. She said, “God will provide, as long as you have worked hard.” MacDonald was the Baptist Sunday school teacher in South Otselic and was a volunteer until the age of 95 for the cloth closet. She is the oldest living graduate of Otselic Valley School and the Baptist Church in South Otselic.

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MacDonald raised two daughters in a pioneer life style, which included living with no electricity for over 75 years. She and her family were farmers and lived off the land, growing crops and raising livestock. MacDonald had a huge vegetable garden and canned most of what she grew.

She was a professional wall paper hanger for many years and used the money she earned to send her daughters to college. She made all the clothes with a hand trundle sewing machine.

When she was not involved in either of those she loved to go outside to take a walk or work on her vegetable or flower gardens. If she ever had a spare moment she would read novels. She never turned away anyone in need and was always the first to give a hand to help. MacDonald is described as a true independent spirit. Today she has a reputation of being a top notch balloon volleyball player and bowler.

She is currently living on the second floor at UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital along with the other seventy residence of the UHS Senior Living Center, and she hopes to see another 107 years.