Norwich Impound Policy Changed To Save Residents Money On Fees
Published: July 9th, 2020
By: Catherine Sasso

Norwich impound policy changed to save residents money on fees The impound policy for the City of Norwich will be changed to allow residents 72 hours to collect their vehicle without having to pay extra tow and impound fees. (Photo by Catherine Sasso)

NORWICH – The Norwich Chief of Police and city common council members discussed the current impound policy for the City of Norwich this week and how to improve it.

"We are currently updating our impound policy. While were doing it if the council is wanting to consider changing the impound fees now would be the time to do it," said Norwich Chief of Police Rodney Marsh.

The current fee structure is an initial $50 charge once it goes into the impound lot and then $15 a day for every day it sits. This does not include the charge to tow the vehicle, which ranges depending on where the vehicle is located.

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Marsh shared some examples of what other cities are charging for impound fees. Binghamton charges a flat rate of $25 a day, Oneonta charges $40 a day, and the city of Oneida charges $11 a day.

According to Marsh, the impound lot fee structure hasn't been changed since 2004. Alderman Matthew Caldwell asked if the Chief had any recommendations for changes.


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