Norwich Ambulance Breaks Down, Fire Department Seeks Replacement
Published: July 8th, 2020
By: Catherine Sasso

Norwich ambulance breaks down, fire department seeks replacement The Norwich Fire Department requested approval to purchase a new ambulance after one brokedown on the way back from bringing a woman with a heart condition to a Binghamton hospital. (Submitted Photo)

NORWICH – At Tuesday night’s City of Norwich Joint Committee meeting, the Fire Department requested to purchase a new ambulance for the fleet.

Fire Chief Jan Papelino said that ambulance 2392 has been having issues for several months and they have decided it needs to be replaced after the vehicle died while on a call on Monday night.

For the ambulance to continue to run it is in need of at least two repairs, costing about $1,100.

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Papelino said that the repairs would require working around the transmission of the vehicle, which could lead to needing more repairs not too far down the road.

"We do have to money to replace [the ambulance]. It's in the equipment reserves account for ambulances," said Papelino. "If we get a new rig we're still going to be using 2393 for at least another two months."


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1 year ago
You Could replace the entire Drive train with a new engine & transmission for $8k stop spending more than you need too !! The rest of us who drive cars and can't afford new ones do this all the time. I'm sick of paying all these taxes for the Government to waste on things they don't need. The last time I was told I needed to go to another hospital from CMH I was told to call an ambulance co. yet you had no problem taking me 4 blocks to CMH for approx. $4000.00. Cooperstown ALS ambulance took me to Wilson for $395.00. We should not have to pay for services that our tax dollars already pay for enough with the double dipping !!!
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