Firework Shows Will Be Scarce In Chenango County This Year

By: Catherine Sasso

Firework shows will be scarce in Chenango County this year Firework shows will be few and far between this year with the only confirmed show happening in Sherburne on the Fourth of July. (Photo by Catherine Sasso)

CHENANGO COUNTY – This Fourth of July the only confirmed fireworks display in Chenango County will take place at the ball flats by Sherburne school.

According to the Village of Sherburne Clerk’s Office there will be a fireworks display, starting at dusk, for people to view from their cars.

The Mayor of Norwich Shawn Sastri said there will be no fireworks display this year in the city. The town of Greene will also be skipping the fireworks this year according to their clerk’s office.

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Individuals who are interested in having their own fireworks should keep in mind the New York State regulation on fireworks.

New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Services states New York State Law allows for the sale and use of a specific category of consumer fireworks known as Sparkling Devices. Sparkling Devices are ground based or handheld devices that produce a shower of colored sparks and/or a colored flame, audible crackling or whistling noise and smoke. These include cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, and wooden sparkler dipped sticks.

The New York State law on fireworks also states that if a person possesses unlawful fireworks or dangerous fireworks valued at $150 or more, it will be presumed that the fireworks were intended to be offered or exposed for sale and could end in a class B misdemeanor.

Norwich Fire Chief Jan Papelino has some advice for how to stay safe when lighting fireworks at home.

"Never let young children handle them, and there should always be adult supervision. Alcohol and fireworks don't mix," said Papelino. "You should wear protective eye wear and don't light them inside or around flammable materials. Once they’re lit you should stand at a safe distance. If the firework doesn't go off, don't try to relight it and don't look inside the firework to see why it didn't go off."

Hands and fingers are the highest percentage of injuries during the fourth of July according to Papelino.

Some locations you can pick up sparkling devices are the Norwich Walmart parking lot and the North Plaza in Norwich across the street from Speedway.


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