The Impact Project Helps Homeowner In Afton Area

By: Zachary Meseck

The Impact Project helps homeowner in Afton area The Impact Project completed its 113th project in the rain over the weekend, building a ramp with one of the smallest crews a project has ever seen. (Submitted photo)

AFTON - The Impact Project visited the Afton area over the weekend and helped a homeowner who needed to ramp to get in and out of her home safely.

According to The Impact Project Executive Director Jim Willard III, the group’s 113 project was completed over the weekend, successfully creating a handicap accessible ramp at 190 Bettsburg Road in Afton.

“This is our third project this year, and while we’re on track to meet our goal, we were kind of hoping that we’d be able to do even more before the coronavirus hit,” said Willard. “The homeowner had requested a handicap ramp last year, but unfortunately we weren’t able to help her then.”

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“This year she resubmitted her application, and it was our honor and privilege to help.”

Willard said the project was completed in a day with the weather posing as the main challenge. He said it was one of the thinnest crews a project has ever had, and it rained for the majority of the time volunteers worked.

“I owe a big thank you to Curtis Lumber, First Baptist of Afton, and New Life Ministries for their support,” said Willard.

He added that the struggle was well worth it, and that it’s impossible to put a value on allowing someone easy access to and from their home.

“How do you put a price on a person’s ability to get out of their house and be socially interactive and independent,” said Willard. “There are people who aren’t able to go out and get basic necessities or be a part of their community.”

“It's not good for them, their friends, or their families.”


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