What A Time To Graduate High School
Published: June 17th, 2020
By: Joe Angelino

What a time to graduate from high school. Not since the World War II years, has there been a more turbulent time to leave childhood and enter the adult world. An old adage says, "adversity builds character," and June of 2020 has some of the most extreme and adverse circumstances most of us have ever seen in our lifetime.

The seldom-used acronym FOMO has finally come of age and is now heard often and understood by people of a particular age. For those not of that particular age, FOMO is Fear of Missing Out, and there is a long list of those things missed.

The COVID-19 pandemic erased the last half of school this year. For a high school senior in the class of 2020, that means no memories of the senior trip, spring musical, senior prom, spring sports, skip day, and on and on. Those favorite recollections have been replaced by memories of lap-top at-home learning, facemasks, and a shortage of toilet paper.

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The fear of missing out on your graduation is weighing on everyone's minds. School administrators, parents, and relatives are all trying to make graduation from high school and moving into adulthood as memorable as possible for you.


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