Governor Cuomo Discusses The Coronavirus And Reopening Business In The Southern Tier

By: Zachary Meseck

Governor Cuomo discusses the coronavirus and reopening business in the Southern Tier (Photo by Zachary Meseck)

NEW YORK STATE - New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the Southern Tier on Tuesday, delivering a coronavirus update with a warning that local governments need to hold businesses accountable as they start to reopen.

The update took place Tuesday afternoon at the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Johnson City. Cuomo provided a general overview of current coronavirus information, a timeline for reopening businesses, and his take on why wearing a mask is about showing respect for others.

Cuomo said New York State has a better handle on the rise of coronavirus cases in the United States. He said while certain regions within the state have lower reports of the virus, it's important that New York State as a whole reopen slowly to avoid closing back down later on.

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He added that the virus is constantly mutating, and now there appears to be a number of COVID created inflammatory diseases appearing in children.

“We thought, initially, that it didn't affect children. We're now dealing with an issue that's very disturbing,” he said. “We have about 100 cases of an inflammatory disease in young children that seems to be created by the COVID virus.”

The governor said t he symptoms of the children were similar to toxic shock-like syndrome, but it's an inflammation of the blood vessels and can affect the heart.

Two boys ages five and seven had died, along with 18-year-old girl due to the illness.

“The ages of the children affected in these 100 cases is all across the board, as you can see,” said Cuomo. “Less than one year old, predominantly 5 to 14, but we lost a young lady at 18 years old and we have some cases up to 21 years old.”

“So this is a truly disturbing situation and I know parents around the state and around the country are very concerned about this and they should be.”

He said keeping the rising number of deaths in mind, and looking at the rest of the world to see what New York State should do next should both be prioritized when local governments move to reopen municipalities.

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“Smart means: learning from the mistakes of others,” said Cuomo. “We're not the first one down this path.”


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