Three Directors Elected To The Board Of Vision Federal Credit Union
Published: April 21st, 2020

ENDICOTT – Three directors were elected to the board of Visions Federal Credit Union at its 54th annual meeting.

Officers were elected and appointments were made at a special reorganization meeting held following the Annual Meeting.

George Bobinski, James Lewis, and Laurie Schorno were elected to three-year terms on the board which includes Alan G. Hertel, Joan S. Lacey, Christopher H. Marion, Michael A. Mullen, Mary C. Robinson, and Kelly A. Roche.

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Union representatives said Mary C. Robinson and Kelly A. Roche were recognized for 5 years of volunteer service at the event.

Representatives said at the special reorganization meeting, the board elected Executive Committee members Alan G. Hertel, Chairperson; Christopher H. Marion, Vice Chairperson; Michael A. Mullen, Treasurer; and Kelly A. Roche, Secretary.

The board also appointed supervisory committee members Douglas J. Camin, Frederick K. Getz, Thomas E. Knight, Denise B. Stoughton, Mark A. Wasser, and Joan S. Lacey (alternate).

In addition, Chairperson Alan Hertel recognized retiring board member Kenneth H. Kidder III for his dedication and commitment throughout his 23 years of volunteer service.