Census Letters And Invitations To Be Mailed Soon
Published: March 11th, 2020
By: Zachary Meseck

Census letters and invitations to be mailed soon (Submitted Photo)

CHENANGO COUNTY – Residents of Chenango County will receive a letter with 2020 Census information in the next two weeks. Census organizers said this is the first time residents will have the option to fill out information online.

According to Chenango County Planning and Development Director Shane Butler, each letter has instructions on how to fill out the census, along with a number to call with questions, and a unique identifier with each household that is required to fill out the census questionnaire.

Butler said most people in Chenango County will get the census by mail, but people with a PO box will likely get a visit in person. He added that residents will also be able to submit data online.

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“The reason we go through all of this is because the census is about our representation, not only is it for the House of Representatives in Washington, but it's also for our board of supervisors,” said Butler. “Municipalities that have a higher population have a heavier pull when it comes to county wide decisions.”


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