Bloomberg Added To The Mix
Published: February 19th, 2020
By: Joe Angelino

The Democratic Party is going into the next round of the presidential candidate selection process. After departing New Hampshire, what remains of the White House hopefuls are preparing for the Nevada caucus, February 22, and the South Carolina primary, February 29 – leap day. All of the White House hopefuls want a good showing going into Super Tuesday, March 3, when delegates from 14 states will be in play.

What started out as a very diverse array of Democratic Party candidates is whittling down to all white people, equally divided between men and women. Gone are the minority prospects of all races and origins, the bedrock of their party. Currently, the top four contenders are; Bernie Sanders, Peter Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar.

The Democratic frontrunners are wracking their brains trying to figure out how to beat that rich white guy from New York City. No, not President Trump, but Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of the Big Apple. Mr. Bloomberg, an oligarch if ever there was one, is buying his way into Presidency using the Democrats well known multiple personality disorder for candidates. Right now, there is an Independent Socialist, moderate-liberals, liberal-moderates, and a billionaire Republican all running under the same Democratic Party banner.

Michael Bloomberg is the subject matter expert on multiple personality disorders. He was once a Republican, then an Independent, and now he’s a Democrat. Each change in his party coincided with his different political ambitions. Coupled along with his weather vane party changes are the millions of dollars of donations that silence any critics of his newly found views.

When he was New York’s Mayor, he was a staunch law-and-order kind of guy, famously quoted as saying “throw them up against the wall” while giving his understanding of stop and frisk policing. Now, with presidential aspirations, his tune has quickly changed to a more liberal viewpoint of lawbreakers. His apologies to minority communities for being “out of touch” seem as genuine as a three-dollar bill.

Few believe Bloomberg, a 78-year-old billionaire, actually had any change of personality and philosophy as it pertains to the people in the world around him. There are lots of Democrats who feel he’s taking their party for a ride.

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Bloomberg’s political desires have accomplished considerable feats in the past. When terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on Primary Day, 2001, now known as 9-11, the city and country were in shock. Then-Mayor, Rudy Giuliani became “America’s Mayor” overnight. But, that tragedy and Giuliani’s popularity and leadership couldn’t overcome NYC’s Mayoral term limits, which ousted him only weeks after the World Trade Center collapsed.

Somehow, Giuliani’s successor, Michael Bloomberg, was able to overturn two city-wide referendums, one in 1993 and another in 1996 that limited mayors to two terms in office. Bloomberg somehow convinced the City Council to create a law allowing him to have a third term as Gotham’s Mayor against the wishes of all of New York’s voters, proving strange things happen to multi-billionaires.

Commenters from the Democratic Party tread lightly around Bloomberg’s cash because it flows to many Congressional Democrats campaign funds, which keep them in the majority power. He is also spending more as a self-funded candidate than any three of his Democratic opponents put together. Additionally, Bloomberg’s campaign staff is enormous, siphoning talent from his opponents by paying more than double the other campaigns.

Grassroots fundraising is a valuable indicator of just how widespread and popular support is for a particular candidate. Mr. Bloomberg and his self-funded campaign seem too disconnected from everyday reality and he is more reminiscent of the 1980s TV commercial for Grey Poupon mustard involving two Roll Royce cars. (Google it, if you’re too young to remember.)

If Michael Bloomberg’s goal is to remove President Trump from office, many hoped he would finance a Democrat with a personality instead of running himself. After all, a review of the past contributions in Virginia political races shows Bloomberg’s anti-gun donations played a part in turning that state’s legislature from red to blue.

The current rumors indicate Mr. Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as a Vice Presidential running mate. She is likely his choice because she demonstrated once before she is capable of getting Bernie Sanders out of the way by any means. All of this should make a very interesting Democratic Convention in July in Milwaukee.