New Year’s Resolutions And Predictions
Published: January 1st, 2020
By: Joe Angelino

New Year’s resolutions and predictions Confetti falls during a New Year's celebration in New York's Times Square, Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

At the stroke of midnight this morning, some people were still awake to say hello and welcome in a new decade. Others woke up to realize it is the new year of 2020. Either way, many folks will begin the New Year carrying on the tradition of making personal resolutions.

Most common are along the lines of losing some weight or stopping a bad habit. Others will strive for something simpler, but just as challenging, such as not writing 2019 on an outgoing check. What follows are some suggestions for resolutions to benefit all of us.

If you never danced, you should resolve at your first chance you will get out there and move to the music. Damn the pride, and dance! If you are a more daring type, take dance lessons, you won't be sorry.

If you have never cooked a meal beyond boiling hot dogs, you should resolve to cook a three-food-item meal for your spouse at least once per week. This one could get some people in the dog house if the kitchen is left a mess, but the attempt will be appreciated.

Sheriff Cutting resolves to have an inmate work crew on State Route 12 picking up garbage. This needs to happen one-half mile on either side of the county landfills in North Norwich and Brisben. If there aren’t enough inmates, then have the road patrol deputies write some tickets for uncovered loads heading toward the dump. The roadsides near both landfill entrances are atrocious.

Those who frequent a gym or weight room should resolve to re-rack your weights and to take the plates off the bars when you are finished lifting. It has been said that before you can get into heaven, Saint Peter requires one push up with a load on your back equal to the all the weights you didn't re-rack in your lifetime. This should be painted on the wall at the YMCA alongside their Christian Principles.

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The Town of Guilford resolves once their wind turbine money begins to flow into their coffers, they will put it to good use. The first thing they should do with the cash is to make the roads in the township wider. The highways should be wide enough for Amish buggies to safely travel on paved shoulders without fear of being rear-ended, especially County Road 36.

Each and every Evening Sun reader and advertiser resolves to purchase a newspaper subscription, if not for you, then as a gift for another. Some places larger than Norwich do not have a daily newspaper, which makes us quite fortunate. Our little town and county would be in a horrible situation if not for The Evening Sun.

Everyone should resolve to practice tolerance and not to hate others, treating them as mortal enemies because of different political views. The world would be a very dull place if everyone thought alike. We should look for common ground, not highlighting the differences.

And now for some contemplative predictions of what the future may hold in 2020.

The first prediction is the last group resolve about not hating others will be the first to be broken.

The second prediction is out of control Medicaid costs will cause an enormous gap in the 2020 NYS budget, which will be made up by revenue generated from allowing certain vices. Such things as legalizing marijuana, on-line sports betting, and possibly prostitution will all have taxes and fees associated with them. Other vices will have their taxes increased, like the ones on cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol. Further, there will be deposits required on glass liquor bottles, just like soda cans.

The next prediction is the new bail laws will not go far enough to appease progressives on the left. Next, they will want more lenient sentencing of defendants found guilty of crimes as the area that will need 'reform' legislation.

An obvious prediction is the population loss in our state. The results of the 2020 Census will not be kind to upstate New York, and the state as a whole. According to our Governor, it's the cold weather causing people to flee the Empire State. Whatever the reason, having fewer people living here will place more of a tax burden on those left behind.

Witnesses in criminal cases will be predictably shocked to learn in 2020 they are subject to a background check and criminal history inquiry. This information will be provided to the person arrested. This is just in case the witness has something in their background the criminal defense can use in court. People like firefighters, EMTs, wrecker operators, hospital staff, store clerks, SPCA employees, etc. Everyone the police rely upon at car crashes and crime scenes, and the district attorney depends on in court.

Many people stop me and say they do not always agree with me, but they do read and enjoy my columns. In the year 2020, I predict a disgruntled person will approach me with a venomous tirade about one of my columns, to which I'll reply, "at least you read it."

To all of the readers of this column, I sincerely wish for you to have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.