What Is Your New Year's Resolution?
Published: January 1st, 2020
By: Catherine Sasso

It's time to celebrate the beginning of another year. A new year is a great time to set new goals for a fresh start. We asked community members to share their goals for 2020.

Danielle DeStefano, Norwich

“My New Years resolution is to focus on my business, Mindsigh Minerals, and keep propelling it forward so it can support my family.”

Denise Talbot, Norwich

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“I'd like to start taking time weekly to write a letter and call someone on the phone. Bring the personal touch back.”

Ryan Coy, Norwich

“My New Years resolution is to be healthy. I don’t simply mean to just eat right and exercise, but to also find things that bring me joy and help me give joy to others. I want to achieve health of the mind, body and soul and help others do so too.”

Shawn Sastri, Norwich


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