Impeach Him And Let's Move On To Other Business
Published: December 4th, 2019
By: Joe Angelino

Finally, daytime new broadcasting is void of witness testimony telling us what they heard other people say. All that testimony was about people listening in on a phone call from our President to another world leader, which we learned is a lot of people on that party line.

The House Intelligence Committee has finished their impeachment hearings on whether or not President Trump exerted pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Biden family. Next up to bat is the House Judiciary Committee who will consider Articles of Impeachment of the President of the United States.

The political left's goal since boycotting the inauguration has been to remove the President from office, one way or another. My first exposure to the resist and remove efforts was Representative Maxine Waters of California. She repeatedly sprayed out of her mouth ‘Impeach 45!’ which was reminiscent of Sylvester the cartoon cat hollering ‘suffering succotash’ out of frustration.

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After eavesdroppers and whistleblowers heard some sketchy conversations on a high-level phone call, some in Congress said: “this will have to do.” The race to impeach was on, even though in less than a year, there is a Presidential election.

These two congressional committees, Intelligence and Judiciary, have scores of congressional members along with hundreds of staff people all focused on one topic – impeachment. All of the work of these people and all of the money spent will be for naught in the end, because the Republican-led Senate will never vote to remove President Trump.

Hopefully, other congressional committees are doing the work of the people. To the average US citizens, all they have heard about is the work of the Impeachment Committee, oops, that should be Intelligence Committee.

It would be nice if there were news coverage about Congress taking a vote to pass the trade bill known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The USMCA, was signed by the leaders of three countries over a year ago and is waiting to be ratified by our Congress.

When passed, the USMCA will even out trade and tariffs across North America, and most importantly, for Chenango County, helping dairy farmers sell more milk. Hard-working farmers of all kinds are sick of hearing “help is on the way,” what they need is tangible proof.

If the USMCA is ratified, US farmers will have better access to selling dairy, poultry, and wheat across the Mexican and Canadian borders unencumbered by tariffs and fees. For our area, this means the oppressive Canadian milk pricing scheme against US dairy products will end.

Another area that needs attention from Congress that would help the average upstate New York citizen is an investment in infrastructure. A drive anywhere in a 200-mile radius will be filled with rough, worn-out roads and rust-stained bridges and overpasses. If crumbling highways aren’t enough, there is the constant washout of roads from floodwaters that deserve some new engineering attention.

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Most of the transportation system around us was designed and built in the early 1960s. The useful lifespan of our roads and structures ended a long time ago. There are new technology and techniques just waiting for the money to proceed. Upgrading our transportation infrastructure would also provide years of employment to tradesmen. These road projects would make life just a little bit easier for what’s left of the upstate population and industry.

Some people surmise the inaction on the USMCA, and any sort of infrastructure improvement agreement is orchestrated to maintain suffering in the rural population of our country. Other people presume the lack of laws being passed to help farmers and the non-urban community is to sow the seeds of discontent before the 2020 elections.

Whatever the reasons are, Congress should quickly impeach our President so the made for TV theater can end. Maybe then Congress can concentrate on actions that might help the average citizen in upstate New York. When it’s all said and done, half of America will still love the President, while the other half loathes him, and what will the latter half do to him next?