Correction: Evening Sun Football Contest, Week 5
Published: October 2nd, 2019
By: Meagan Schulz

In Tuesday’s week five football contest, there was a mistake in the list of games to pick from. When first making the list of games back in August, Norwich was not listed on the schedule for this week. They are, however, traveling to Oneonta for a game during Section IV’s “rivalry week” on Saturday at 3 p.m.

As we at The Evening Sun like to include all local football teams for each week, the featured pickers were notified about the change but the game list to choose was not updated.

For those that have not submitted week five picks yet, please use the following list. Those that have already dropped off or mailed in your submissions, The Evening Sun Sports Editor – Meagan Schulz – will give you a phone call to update your submission list, giving everyone a fair chance.

The Chargers-Broncos game will be dropped and the Norwich at Oneonta game will be added.

The tiebreaker will remain the same.

Thank you to all who submit their picks each and every week and good luck to all for week five.

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Here is the correct list for week five:

1. Norwich at Oneonta

2. Bainbridge-Guilford vs Walton

3. Greene vs Delhi

4. Oxford vs Trumansburg

5. Sherburne-Earlville vs Pulaski

6. Harpursville/Afton at Susquehanna Valley

7. Unadilla Valley at Newfield

8. Auburn at Florida

9. California at Oregon

10. Iowa at Michigan

11. Michigan State at Ohio State

12. Washington at Stanford

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13. Georgia at Tennessee

14. Bills at Titans

15. Vikings at Giants

16. Jets at Eagles

17. Ravens at Steelers

18. Packers at Cowboys

19. Colts at Chiefs

20. Browns at 49ers